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New logo revealed for FIBA Foundation

MIES (Switzerland) - The FIBA Foundation, FIBA's social, humanitarian and educational arm, has launched its new logo.

The Foundation's 'Basketball For Good' tagline was made an integral part of the new logo as it highlights the Foundation's core pillar to use basketball as a tool to initiate positive change.

The icon was kept as it represents basketball, the game and its values being spread throughout the world.

The rebranding followed the request by the Foundation Board in Beijing in 2019 to study different possibilities to combine the visual identity with the name "FIBA Foundation". The logo draft was then approved in its current form by the Board end of August.

About the Foundation:
  • We deliver youth engagement programs that promote education, health and well-being, and fight injustice and inequality through basketball.
  • We act as the custodian of the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball as a place for the sport’s history, memorabilia and cultural heritage, as well as a place to shape its future.
  • We contribute to FIBA’s strategic pillars: empower National Federations, enlarge the FIBA Family and Women in Basketball.
  • We support FIBA to promote basketball and unite communities.

 All Foundation activities and updates can be followed on the new Foundation platform, Facebook and Instagram