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Former Olympian Pulu impressed with BFPNG programs

PORT MORESBY (Papua New Guinea) - Track legend and former Olympian Peter Pulu bestowed massive praise to Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea's (BFPNG) Basketball For Good programs.

Pulu, a High-Performance Talent Identification Officer, for the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation (PNGSF) was able to participate in BFPNG's Hoops For Health program in Port Moresby last week.

"I was very impressed with their programs and immediately decided to get involved with the team's (BFPNG) projects," shared Pulu a prominent sports figure in Papua New Guinea.

"The Federation is taking a lead in rolling out effective programs that can potentially identify players for future national team players," he added.

Photo: Pulu participating in Hoops For Health, a program supported by FIBA and Australia's Pacific Sports Partnerships Program.

The 100-meter dash  Papua New Guinea record holder stated that other national sporting federations should follow the lead of BFPNG in terms of designing their grassroots programs.

"I find their programs very promising and as a TID officer with High Performance, it was a great experience to work with Nick (Daroa) and Jordan (Sere). I believe that other sporting Federations should take notes and follow their lead," Pulu said.

The 1996 Olympian also praised the effort of BFPNG of branching its programs to provinces outside of Port Moresby.

"Their desire to reach out to provinces and communities as part of their development plan is a great way to reach more potential athletes," shared Pulu. "Even with the COVID pandemic, the commitment of BFPNG is impressive and I am very happy to support and be part of the program."

Pulu stated his optimism about the future of basketball in Papua New Guinea citing the commitment of BFPNG to their development programs.

"BFPNG is leading the way in terms of developing programs for the youth, this is only the beginning. I believe they have a bright future in front of them as long as they stay the course," he said.

BFPNG's Basketball For Good programs is supported by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnerships, and FIBA's Foundation, the International Basketball Foundation.