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FIBA suspends Brazilian federation

MIES, Switzerland - FIBA on Monday announced its decision to suspend the Brazilian Basketball Federation (CBB) following the conclusion of its Executive Committee meeting.

Despite the support and flexibility provided by FIBA on multiple occasions before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - and which led to the recent creation of the "Taskforce for the reorganisation of the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB) and the development of basketball in Brazil" - the Executive Committee acknowledged that CBB still needs restructuring and is currently not fully complying with its obligations as a National Member Federation of FIBA under the applicable General Statutes.

In particular, the failures to comply with the applicable statutory framework which led to the suspension include, among others:

  • Non-participation in international competitions, such as continental youth competitions and 3x3 Senior world championships, as well as failure to organise the 3x3 World Tour event in Rio de Janeiro. A high number of players has already been affected by these absences, since they have missed the opportunity to qualify and play internationally in the upcoming years. At national level, important youth national championships have been cancelled by CBB.
  • Lack of full control of basketball in the country. For example, third parties have intervened in the selection and funding of national team activities.
  • Outstanding payments towards FIBA for an extended period of time, despite several grace periods granted. The overall financial situation of CBB does not permit it to finance its operations or to be in good standing in its country.
  • Absence of a reform or restructuring plan before the upcoming elections.

The Executive Committee expressed its regret for the situation of basketball in Brazil just a few months after the Olympic Games and strongly encouraged CBB to collaborate closely with FIBA and the Taskforce mentioned above, in order to overcome the serious institutional, sporting and financial difficulties. Further communications between the parties are expected to take place later this month in order to stipulate concrete plans for reform.

The Central Board will re-evaluate the situation in its meeting on 28 January 2017.

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