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FIBA PLUS Performance Program in full swing with Venezuelan Basketball Federation

CARACAS (Venezuela) - The Venezuelan Basketball Federation has commenced the FIBA PLUS Performance Program. The program, delivered by FIBA, is designed to assist the South American federation in the development of basketball in their country by helping them implement a sustainable strategic focus.

The FIBA PLUS Performance Program, now underway with more than 20 National Federations, is tailor-made for each organization with the aim to put in place the correct strategies to improve each participating federation's capacity to organize, professionalize and commercialize their basketball activities, ensuring the game's successful development in the country.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Americas Qualifiers, November 2022

After discussions with the Venezuelan Basketball Federation and its external stakeholders to better understand how the federation works and the environment in which it operates, FIBA shared the collected information with the federation and proposed its analysis to the Executive Board Members.

This information was useful for defining its future focus, developing its plan and providing necessary performance baselines and benchmarks that the organization can use to measure its future growth and progress.

Through the FIBA PLUS Performance Program, the Venezuelan Basketball Federation has defined its vision and mission statements and its values as a sports organization, along with defining its goals, objectives and action plans for the next months and years.

Further to the on-site workshop, FIBA will support the federation along the way with online meetings and tailored assistance. A monitoring process will also be used to regularly re-evaluate the federation's strategy to ensure it is still aligned with its needs. Finally, an assessment will be conducted at the end of the process, to check if the goals have been reached and if the game of basketball has developed in Venezuela.

FIBA Americas President Carol Callan said: "With one of the main focus areas of FIBA for the cycle of 2019-2023 to 'Empower National Federations', the FIBA PLUS Performance Program will provide the Venezuelan Basketball Federation with a high level of expertise, knowledge and practical guidance on each step of their strategic planning process."

Venezuela at the FIBA Women's AmeriCup 2021 

Hanthony Coello, President of the Venezuelan Basketball Federation said: "The Venezuelan Basketball Federation has worked hard to build a strategic plan for our discipline during three Olympic cycles and without a doubt, the FIBA Plus Performance Program is a tool that will allow us to strengthen our governance, promote the practice of basketball, adapt the national competition system, as well as improve the technical sphere and be a reference as a sports brand in our country.

"I thank FIBA and its experts for the dedication and transfer of knowledge during the workshop and for the opportunity to choose Venezuela to take part in this unique program."

The FIBA PLUS Performance program is one of the initiatives undertaken by FIBA as part of its current strategy to 'Empower National Federations' and help them reach their full potential.