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FIBA Oceania Regional Office opens bidding process for hosting 2020-2022 competitions

Gold Coast (Australia) - FIBA Oceania has opened the bidding process of hosting FIBA Oceania Youth and Sub-Zone competitions from 2020 to 2022 to its National Federation members.

FIBA’s Regional Office in Oceania mapped out the competitions for the next three years and sent the invitation to its National Federation Members. FIBA Oceania competitions include:

Youth Competitions
• 2020 FIBA U15 Oceania Basketball Championships
• 2021 FIBA U17 Oceania Basketball Championships
• 2022 FIBA U15 Oceania Basketball Championships

Sub-Zone Competitions
• 2021 FIBA Melanesia Cup
• 2021 FIBA Polynesia Cup

FIBA Oceania Competitions Manager Amanda Jenkins discussed the benefit of knowing the host countries years in advance for the National Federations preparations.

"We recognize the amount of groundwork it takes for National Federations and local organizing committees to successfully host events, so it is in the best of interest of everybody to start their preparations," Jenkins shared. "The competitions we had in the last three years (2017-2019) were great events for our National Federations to promote the growth of basketball in the region. We believe that the next few years, will be a massive opportunity for basketball and our National Federations to grow even further," she added.

FIBA Oceania expects the hosts to be officially awarded by September 2019 by the FIBA Oceania board - giving all hosts and visiting National Federations more than 12 months’ notice for preparations for the 2020 youth event.

The new competition system of FIBA established in 2017 provided the chance for new pathways for the Pacific countries which marked the formation of the Sub-Zones and new Youth Competitions (U15 and U17 Oceania Championships).

The FIBA Melanesia Cup, FIBA Polynesia Cup, and Micronesian Games serve as the official qualifiers to the Pacific Games, which qualifies teams to the FIBA Asia Cup Pre-Qualifiers.

The FIBA U15 Oceania Championship and FIBA U17 Championship are the first step in the qualification process to the FIBA U17 World Cup and FIBA U19 World Cup respectively.