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FIBA Europe Executive Committee evaluates national federations' response and decides further steps

PARIS, France - The FIBA Europe Executive Committee met on 30 April in Paris, France to discuss the response of 14 national federations who were asked to provide feedback with regard to their domestic initiatives, following the decision of the Board of FIBA Europe on 20 March.

The Committee was briefed in detail about all recent consultations with the 14 national federations concerned and was pleased with the constructive effort undertaken by the European federations in resolving the issue domestically.

It also expressed its satisfaction about the FIBA Executive Committee's full support and the approval of a road map with regard to potential changes of European federations' participation in upcoming European and worldwide competitions.

Following the briefing and taking into consideration the recent announcement of Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA) with regard to their competition system and calendar for the upcoming season 2016-17, the Committee decided as follows:
-To ask a number of national federations for further clarification on their responses.
-To request from the national federations and their members appropriate guarantees in accordance with the decision of the Board of FIBA Europe, including also all those whose leagues and/or clubs attended the meeting of ECA on 29 April.
-To suspend the recognition of ABA League, following recent developments in the former Yugoslavia region and after also taking into consideration feedback from the national federations in the region.

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and meet again in Munich on 14 May, to take the next steps in the implementation of the Board decision.

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