FECC Coaching Certificate 2021-23 U16 Challenger Skopje, August 2021
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FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate commences 2021-23 cycle at U16 European Challengers

MUNICH (Germany) - The FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate has begun its 2021-23 cycle at the FIBA U16 European Challengers this week for the eighth edition of the program.

60 coaches - including 23 female coaches - from 40 different European federations have gathered in Skopje, North Macedonia for the first session of the new cycle as they take part in coaching clinics on-and-off the court as well as a number of workshops.

The coaches then proceed to watch the games as they follow the competing teams at the U16 European Challengers with the tournament having started on Monday August, 17 and will conclude on Saturday August, 21.

Despite the pandemic continuing to present logistical challenges, the interest from federations and participants in the FECC has never been higher, with participation numbers soaring as coaches aspire to obtain their graduating certificate in two years' time.

As always,  FIBA Basketball World Cup and FIBA EuroBasket winner Svetislav Pesic, the FECC mentor, heads up the lecturing staff. Lecturers include experts in coaching, strength and conditioning, pedagogy and psychology in a wide range of topics to supplement the program.

Meanwhile, the 2019-22 cycle recently concluded its second stage during the FIBA U18 European Challengers in Konya, Turkey with the seventh edition having been delayed due to tournaments being cancelled last summer due to the pandemic.

The FECC cycle traditionally concludes at a FIBA U20 European Championship as the participating coaches progress through the different age-groups of the youth tournaments.

Coaches are nominated by their National Federations with the help of the national coaching associations and are then approved by FIBA Europe. To graduate, all participants must attend three annual clinics in full and pass different exams at every stage of the program. The final exam consists of a final paper, written exam, oral exam and on court demonstration.