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Dream Comes True Basketball Camp giving young Chadian a chance to keep up with the rest of the world


N'DJAMENA (Chad) - Dream Comes True (DCT), a three-day basketball camp hosted by Chad current and former international players, is returning for its third edition.

From June 14-16, DCT will mark its third anniversary at Lycée Sacre-Coeur in the country's capital N’Djamena with dozen of aspiring basketball players attending.

The goal, according to Asnal Alain Noubaramadje who captained his country during the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup African Qualifiers, "is to enable young players to improve their technical, tactical, and physical skills through sharp and modern learning techniques."

Asnal  AlainNoubaramadji (right)

The DCT camp, Noubaramadje went on saying: "also allows coaches to share their experiences and to improve their skills in terms of teaching techniques."

The campers age group ranges from 15 to 20, according to DCT, and candidates undergo rigorous training to make the final cut.

"For one week, we received all the training candidates in groups of 10 (5 girls and 5 boys)," Noubaramadje explained, adding:"We test them on defensive exercises: lateral movement; one-on-one; ball handling, etc. The camp coaching staff then retires to deliberate and select the young who are technically and physically fit to take part in the [DCT] camp." 
                                                                                                                  2023 DCT camp

The Dream Comes True Basketball Academy is a basketball organization dedicated to teaching its members the modern game of basketball with the right tools and with particular emphasis on their academic success.

Their main focus, Noubaramadje points out, is to give young Chadians a chance. "Young Chadians don't often take part in international basketball camps. We are lagging far behind in terms of training and training facilities. The idea is to give our young people a chance to learn what other young people are learning on an international scale, and to be technically and physically ready when the opportunities arise," the former Chad team captain emphasised.