Bismack Biyombo
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DR Congo’s Biyombo donates health equipment, raises awareness against Covid-19

CHARLOTTE (USA) - Bismack Biyombo grasps what it means to be in need and despair. The 27-year-old center was born in the copper mining town of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo but had to tussle with abject poverty from a very tender age, trekking 45 minutes daily to school and at times having to contend with a meal a day.

The early hardships forged Biyombo’s resolve to become a professional basketballer and were also cardinal in shaping his desire of becoming a lightning rod for change and helping his community when need arises.

His country the Democratic Republic of Congo has had to juggle between fighting the deadly Ebola virus and now the Covid-19.

Biyombo via his foundation has donated health equipment worth $1 million and has pledged to do more for his compatriots stating "f I don’t do it for them who will do it."

"If I have to wait many people will continue suffering and I’m always thinking about how I can positively impact my community” the 6ft 8 forward said on NBA Together

“It’s tough to go to the DR Congo and ask the people to stay at home and quarantine because about 70% of the population depends on a daily check or are poor. It’s hard to ask people to stay at home, what will they eat?”

Biyombo who committed to playing for the Democratic Republic of Congo during the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 African Qualifiers two years ago has been reflecting on how to have a tremendous impact in curbing the spread of the ailment.

The DR Congo has recorded 491 cases with 30 deaths and 59 recoveries as of 29 April and the Lubumbashi native is upbeat blending proper health facilities with greater awareness strategies can diminish the fatalities caused by the disease.


" The idea was how we can help the people go through this because in the past we’ve had a more difficult situation in Ebola,"Biyombo disclosed on NBA Africa Game Time.

"We decided to refurbish some of the hospitals and clinics to put them in better conditions where the people can always go to if they are affected."

"We have shipped medical supplies like beds, wheel chairs, protective face masks, oxygen tanks and other basic amenities that can help take care of patients and combat the disease."

Biyombo on the books of NBA franchise Charlotte Hornets has also taken to social media to advise his fans on the importance of respecting health measures in tackling Covid-19.

Before the ailment led to the NBA suspending its league on March 11, the former Fuenlabrada player averaged 7.4 points and 5.8 rebounds for the Hornets.