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Bridging the gap between culture and sport; Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship

HOHOE (Ghana) The power of culture and its influence is what began the basketball journey of Ghanaian-born Youth Leader Kpeto Ali Kwami.

Ali is a high school teacher, FIBA Foundation Youth Leader, and a youth development expert based in Ghana.  He focuses on environmental advocacy and volunteer programs to initiate positive change in the HoHoe community.

Born and raised in Kpando in the Volta region of Ghana,  Ali did not allow the lack of facilities and resources to stop him from aiming for his basketball dream, instead, it motivated him even more to create it. His love for basketball and culture sparked the birth of what Ghana today proudly knows as the Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship.

The birth of a dream

“It didn't seem right to me that 15 years after I first enrolled at Bishop Herman College in 2006, kids from rural areas like mine still didn’t have exposure to the game,  as I did years back. This is what drove my passion to start my project”.

The Youth Leader thus made it his mission to launch a fellowship initiative. Initially, the Mawuvi Basketball Fellowship (MBF) only had six neighborhood children who demonstrated commitment and diligence, giving Ali the drive to train a few coaches to expand his reach. Since its launch in November 2019, the program has impacted over 300 children.

Ali officially became a FIBA Foundation Youth Leader in 2021, after he successfully applied for the Propose a Project contest.  With the donation of 92 Molten basketballs through his application, He was able to further expand his project to more children within his community. Other opportunities that he got through the Foundation, allowed him to attend the Youth Leaders Seminar in Namibia in 2023 with 21 other Youth Leaders from the African Region.

Project breakdown

The MBF focuses on four areas which are; basketball, Environmental advocacy, skills training, and volunteering programs.

"MBF has helped children develop positive socioemotional health through its holistic programs, keeping them away from inappropriate and reckless adolescent behaviors. Basketball fosters perseverance, resiliency, teamwork, hard work, and dedication on a physical level," said Ali.

The coaches encourage and expose the youth to a variety of careers through the skill-training programs, allowing them to develop an interest in any handiwork—which is now the most dependable means of subsistence in Africa.

The program also instills eco-friendly attitudes in the youth by educating them on how to plant trees and maintain correct waste management practices through our environmental sustainability projects.

"By way of our volunteer programs, some volunteers bring unique traits and abilities to the table that have an impact on our children."

Ali and two of the gifted children from the program were chosen to represent the Volta area at a national youth camp in 2023. He and other officials also attended the program which was conducted by FIBA Africa, at the University of Ghana in Legon, Accra.

“Since joining, I developed an attitude of waking up early before school so I don't miss sessions.  Because Coach Ali is very critical of school and basketball, I have become more healthy, smart, and flexible in doing many things.  MBF means the whole world to me,” expressed Esther Tetteh, a 12-year-old participant.

Plans for the future

Ali’s ambition is to become a well-known spokesperson for basketball, environmental sustainability, and African culture and the arts by showcasing the exquisite artwork produced by Africans.

By showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and artwork created by African people through artifacts, films, and tours, Ali’s ambition is to become a well-known advocate for basketball, environmental sustainability, and African artifacts, films, and tours, and all in all cultures.


The FIBA Foundation is the social and legacy arm of FIBA that addresses the role of sports particularly basketball in society, preserving and promoting basketball’s values and its cultural heritage