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Bouncing into the Future: BFPNG Celebrates a Stellar 2023 and Eyes Hoops Horizons in 2024

Last year was a slam dunk year for the Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea.

From record-breaking participation to empowering female athletes, BFPNG swished nothing but net on its mission to spread the Basketball for Good message.   And while BFPNG celebrated the year that was, they are now gearing up for even more impressive three-pointers in 2024.

Numbers that Sizzle

Remember that feeling of hitting nothing but swish after swish?

That's exactly what BFPNG achieved with a staggering 112,435 participants in 2023 – a massive leap from the previous year's 84,792.  But it wasn't just about quantity; BFPNG also slammed home a game-changer for gender equality with female participation soaring to a heart-warming 45% of the total, proving that basketball is a court for everyone.

Beyond the Buzzer

While trophies and accolades are nice, BFPNG knows the real game lies in community impact. That's why they hosted the FIBA Under 17 Oceania Championship and partnered with the Australian Defence Force to roll out FIBA Coaching and Officiating courses, nurturing grassroots talent, and fostering regional connections.  And let's not forget the Pacific Games, where both PNG's men's and women's teams showcased their skills in 5x5 and 3x3, setting the stage for even greater triumphs at the 2027 Tahiti Pacific Games.

Eyes on the Prize

 As the final buzzer sounded on 2023, BFPNG isn't resting on their laurels. They're already setting up big plays for 2024, with ambitious goals, and an unwavering commitment to Basketball for Good.  

BFPNG are proudly supported by the Australian Government through Team Up and PNGAus Partnership, FIBA Oceania, PacificAus Sports, and countless other partners and sponsors.