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BFPNG set up basketball court for Pikinini Hoops in St. Francis

PORT MORESBY (Papua New Guinea) - Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) went above and beyond its mission to spread the movement of basketball in the country.

BFPNG visited the St. Francis Anglican School located at Koki, Port Moresby to run their Pikinini Hoops program for the students as an entry point for kids to start playing basketball.

The Federation arrived at the school and to their surprise, there was not a court that they could use for the program.

"We arrived at St. Francis with our coaches but then quickly realized that there was not a court that we could use," shared BFPNG Chief Executive Officer, Nick Daroa.

Photo: Coach Apia Muri helping build the basketball court

The predicament did not stop the Federation and they went to work to make a makeshift basketball court in the parking area of the school with the permission of the school.

"We brought our portable backboards and looked for a place to set-up and we found the car park to be a suitable place. The team proceeded to paint a halfcourt to resemble a 3x3 venue and we were able to make things work," shared Daroa.

"It was a great experience for us because the kids were waiting excitedly while we were building the court, you could tell the atmosphere was building up and when the program started everybody was all in," he added.

Over 150 kids took part in the Pikinini Hoops program with support from two of St. Francis' Physical Education teachers. The back-to-back clinic visits were conducted prior to covid 19 restrictions dating back to March 4-5 and March 9 and 11.

"We conducted two programs back to back because of the requests of the students, it was as always heartwarming to us and inspires the whole team to keep on pushing for our goal of developing the game," Daroa proudly shared.

Photo: The Pikinini Hoops program was a success in St. Francis

According to Daroa after the successful launch of the program, St. Francis is now sourcing for a permanent backboard to install for the makeshift court to help give their students more chances to play the game.

"We are in contact with the Head Mistress and helping her source out a permanent backboard because she was pleasantly surprised with the turnout and wanted to help provide an activity to keep their students healthy and learn the value in sports," Daroa said.

Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, BFPNG was able to turn things around and successfully create a remarkable event for the students and the school because of their drive and commitment to developing the game.