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Basketball For Good Making a Difference in Oceania

Gold Coast (AUSTRALIA) - Basketball For Good aims to use the sport of basketball to make a positive impact on communities around the world. Some of the recent development initiatives that have been launched under this program include Hoops for Health, Mum’s A Hero, I’m a GIRL and Twilight Basketball.

Hoops For Health
The Hoops For Health initiative is focused on promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention through basketball. It has been implemented throughout the Oceania Region and includes educational sessions, healthy lifestyle discussions, and basketball clinics. “This story is significant to me because bit by bit, week in and week out, I saw change in my life” – program participant PNG.

Participation numbers increased over the period as a result of Hoops For Health activities. Interest in the programs continues to rise, as evidenced by the increased number of schools and parents seeking opportunities for their children to be involved in the activities. “Because it will help students and teachers have few ideas and knowledge of the 3x3 and 5x5 Basketball game. Also, the game will help students in their school behavior” – participant in Hoops for Health program.

Regional program participants have become ambassadors for Basketball For Good, helping deliver messages of healthy lifestyle and discipline. This is confirmed in the Stories of Change collected at Basketball For Good sessions. “Hoops For Health have taught me to “say no to alcohol”, sleep on time and do regular exercise” participant Kopkop-Kavieng, PNG.

Following the education and training programs at the Fiji National University. Students hosted a mixed basketball competition on campus. 16 company teams were involved, including collaboration with the Fiji Police Force. The education and training allowed students to fulfill all roles of the competition management team. “The program has allowed me to travel to schools as well as coach many youths which allows me to be active as a daily basis” – participant Hoops For Health Fiji.

Mum’s A Hero
The Mum's a Hero program aims to empower women and promote gender equality. It provides training and resources for mothers and caregivers in a safe and inclusive environment that supports the healthy development of children using basketball as a tool for engagement. “It has taught me the do’s and don’ts of becoming a better coach ands also gives me the confidence to speak with a big crowd” and “Staying healthy, active and have better understanding of food knowledge” – participant Mum’s a Hero program Fiji.


The I'maGIRL program encourages young girls to participate in basketball and develop their leadership skills. It includes basketball clinics, leadership training, and mentorship programs.

The increased number of activities in school has led to program participants becoming role models and ongoing involvement in the delivery of the Bula Hoops program activities in Fiji. The Bula Hoops program has seen a significant increase in female participation, expanding by 270% during 2022. “I would always be lazy to do things but once I was being trained I started to feel my body light. That’s when I began to be active” – participant ImaGIRL program in Fiji.

Twilight Basketball
Twilight Basketball is a flagship activity of Basketball For Good. The program provides a safe, inclusive, and positive environment for young people to play basketball and engage in community activities. It has been implemented in Papua New Guinea and includes events such as competitions, events, tournaments, workshops, and cultural celebrations. “It’s significant for me because basketball has really changed me and the youths in my suburb”, said a regional program participant.

The Twilight program has encouraged more corporate organizations to provide healthy lifestyle opportunities for staff through competition as a corporate team.

Overall, these initiatives are just a few examples of how Basketball For Good is using the sport of basketball to make a positive impact on communities around the world. By promoting healthy lifestyles, gender equality, youth development, and community engagement, these programs are helping to build a better world through basketball.

About FIBA Foundation
The FIBA Foundation is the social and legacy arm of FIBA that addresses the role of sports and particularly basketball in society, preserving and promoting basketball’s values and its cultural heritage.

The FIBA Foundation believes that basketball has the power to empower, educate and inspire youth and facilitates this by implementing Basketball For Good projects around the world.

In 2022, the Foundation's various initiatives will have impacted more than 95,000 people around the world.