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Mini Basketball presents fun #BasketballAtHome activities

MIES (Switzerland) - During this global time of distress and uncertainty due to the COVID – 19 virus outbreak which has shaken the world, the International Basketball Foundation (IBF) is finding ways to keep the game of basketball alive. We want to address principally families with small children that are quarantined in apartments and houses with little to no opportunities to go to public playgrounds. We hope to inspire families to try some ideas of basketball activities at home.

Mini Basketball, a global movement for kids aged 5 – 12 years, is putting game-based learning in the forefront. The Foundation believes that getting kids active at a young age will give them the right mindset in life to stay healthy. With kids being stuck at home, it is even more important to keep them active, this is why the IBF teamed up with Mini Basketball expert and ICoachKids Director Sergio Lara-Bercial to develop fun and game-based learning activities for parents to do with their kids at home.

The Basketball At Home activities require a minimum amount of material that you can find in every household and the activities are easy and fun to do with children of all ages but specifically for the smaller ones.

The first batch of activities can be found on the Foundation’s YouTube Channel:


In order to encourage children to play, we are giving out certain number Molten Basketball to anyone who shares their kids doing one of the proposed activities or invents new games. Simply post a photo or video on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #BasketballAtHome and tagging @BasketballForGood. Alternatively, you can send your photo or video to

Stay tuned for more videos coming out in the next few weeks.