26 - 29
October 2022
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Athletes & Communities Engagement Champions hope to attract crowd at FIBA Melanesian Cup

SUVA (Fiji) - Athletes and Communities Engagement (ACE) outreach program created by Fiji Association of Sports and National Committees (FASNOC) continues its outreach activities at the FIBA Melanesian Cup.

Some key messages delivered at the four-day tournament were on Playing True, Staying Healthy, Going Green and Being a Leader.

ACE Champion and FASNOC athlete’s representative, Quintyn Stephen, said that the purpose of the program is to empower athletes to be leaders of change, not only in sports, but in their communities.

"We want to show athletes that they have multiple roles on and off the court and we can be examples to inspire others," Stephen said.  “The program has changed my life and has given me an opportunity to grow and become more than an athlete."

The main objective at this year's FIBA Melanesia Cup is to engage athletes of the participating nations and use them to spread awareness and recruit potential Voice Of Athletes Champions.

ACE Champions have met participants and delivered their key messages at the tournament through athletes; Joana Lesi, Angela Narayan, Maric Togayali, Parnell Singh, Inoke Nuibalavu, Naomi Waqanidrola, Kinisimere Ravai and Quintyn Stephen.

FIBA - Loata Waqanivavalagi