03 October
14 December, 2017
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Competition System

Group Phase: 16 teams divided in 4 groups, will play in round robin format. Qualify to Semi-Finals: Best 2 teams of Group A, B and C, together with the best placed 3rd team in these groups. 1 last team qualifies from Group D, where the champions of Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru play. Semi-Finals: 8 teams divided in 2 groups, will play in round robin format. Best team from each group qualifies to the Grand Finale. Grand Finale: A series to the best of 5 games to determine the Champion.


Event Timeline

  • 3 Oct 17 Group A - Quibdó, Colombia
  • 10 Oct 17 Group B - Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 17 Oct 17 Group C - Bahia, Brazil
  • 24 Oct 17 Group D - Potosí, Bolivia