19 January, 2018
25 March
 ‎Lucas Victoriano
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Victoriano: "We arrived in silence, but with hope"


CORRIENTES (DIRECTV Liga de las Americas 2018) – Estudiantes de Concordia is living a dream and doesn’t want it to end. Is that, for a humble team, with a low budget, this season has offered a lot of good moments.

The excellent campaign in the Liga Sudamericana 2017 was followed by a continental experience, in which they already managed to be among the best eight teams.

The coach of the Argentine team, Lucas Victoriano, does not hide the satisfaction for what they are achieving, and without ceasing on being realistic, he does not put a ceiling on their desires.

Victoriano himself tells it: "It is a dream that we are living. We did not have it planned at all. Of the team that did a great job in the last Argentine League, there is almost nothing left, neither players nor coaching staff. We prepare to fight during this season, but we played the final of the Liga Sudamericana, which gave us the prize of qualifying to the Liga de las Americas, in which we are in the Semifinal Phase. We arrive at this challenge as always, in silence, but with hope."

Estudiantes had a good performance in Group C, especially in the valuable victories against Leones de Ponce and Hebraica of Montevideo. The coach was very pleased with the attitude shown by his team.

"I value that we arrived well planted, at the first group, especially at the debut with Leones. That game ended up being key. From there, Estudiantes continued to trust its game, dreaming of achieving good results. We did not get scare in adversity, like when we lost with Regatas, in a match in which they dominated us. We have to improve on our concentration, as it is happening to us in the National League, because in the Liga de las Americas, you pay dearly," explained Victoriano.

On the rivals he will face in the Semifinals of the DIRECTV Liga de las Americas, the Argentine coach, who is currently in his first season in the professional field, said: "They are all known rivals. A Guaros, although they defeated us in the Liga Sudamericana Final, we could always compete until the end. It is a super team, with several players of the national team from Venezuela, a great coach and also, is reinforced. They appear to be the favorite for this Semi-Final. Regattas, when they don’t have injury problems, is a very good team, attractive to watch. Baurú plays typical Brazilian basketball, with many offensive weapons. It will be a tough group, but we will not give it up."

In the analysis of the rivals Victoriano lets know that the favoritism will be with other teams, which can take pressure off Estudiantes de Concordia.

"We are the Cinderella of this group, as in the previous one. I do not know if the rivals will see us like this, but if we compare rosters, we are the one with the lowest potential. However, we consider that we are in a position that we can compete against anyone. We know our limitations, the lack of experience, but that will make us play without fear, with courage. We arrived well and we want to continue to dream," warns Victoriano.