19 January, 2018
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Aguirre: "Being champions of the Americas is something unique"


BUENOS AIRES (DIRECTV Liga de las Américas 2018) — Nicolás Aguirre does not hesitate, he is sure, and there is no room for doubts: “The Liga de las Américas title is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life as an athlete. “When I lifted the championship trophy I felt as happy as ever.”

Like this, one of the most outstanding players of Liga de las Américas is still enjoying San Lorenzo’s brilliant win. He says that “being continental champions is something unique, this is very important for the club and for myself. This has a greater meaning.”

Celebrating a championship is not something unknown to Penka Aguirre, who already reached titles in the National League during the last three seasons; 2015 with Quimsa, and 2016 and 2017 with San Lorenzo.

“When you’re used to winning, you don't want to go back to the suffering caused by losing. So, you always try to do more. The problem is that it's not that easy to win as concurrently. The thing is, since our club is more of a soccer club, and has so many fans, and the Final Four took place in our stadium, it’s a greater impact for everyone,” he explained.

Aguirre then reflects on San Lorenzo and his people. For them, he says, he also is happy, because “from the first day at arrived at the club, they made me feel at ease. It's a big club, the people are extraordinary, but the environment is very welcoming. They transmit their love to the club and I was happy watching them celebrate the Liga de las Américas title.”

The San Lorenzo fans have identified the point guard, born in Santiago del Estero, as one of their favorites. Perhaps, as a true Argentine soccer club, they value his dedication and constant drive.

“I feel the love of the people. I think they acknowledge the effort and that things turn out well. It's true that when there are triumphs that’s appreciated better,” he clarified.

With that support and experience, at only 30 years of age and after 13 seasons as a professional player, Aguirre takes on the task of being one of the leaders of San Lorenzo as champions of the Americas.

“The task of the point guard entails the responsibility of making the team work, making it play well. I feel that is my duty. But I also feel that I can guide my teammates, that they listen to me and accept my help. I can do this because I'm one of the players who've been the most on the team and because the coach lets me take that leadership,” he added, still joyful because of their triumph against Brazil's Mogi das Cruzes in the decisive game of the Liga de las Américas Final4.

In the interview, the San Lorenzo player is as he is inside the court: sound, decided and sure of his decisions, although he also admits that what he is experiencing in San Lorenzo, for almost three years, has exceeded his expectations.

He tells it like this: “When Marcelo Tinelli (who’s responsible for San Lorenzo’s basketball department) spoke to me to sign me, I immediately said yes. I liked the project, I was sure of it and I wanted to be in it from the start because I knew it would be good. I wanted to be in the first steps. However, it was even better than I imagined because of the National League titles, the game against NBA team Toronto (Raptors) the tour around Spain to face Real Madrid and Barcelona, and now Liga de las Américas. These are all important experiences. Coming to San Lorenzo was the best decision, I wasn't wrong.”

Aguirre closes the interview with his direct style and with no qualms and assures that he is “in the best moment of my career. I feel that I have experience, that I'm confident and I know what I can give to my team. San Lorenzo always sets new challenges and that encourages me. Now we must keep the title in the National League and then think about the Intercontinental Cup. At this club you always have to be ready for what's to come.”