07 - 09
February 2020

Media Advisory

How to access the Game Venue

The event venue is Pabellon Santiago Martin. You can access the venue by public transport or taxi.

Pre-event press conference

Thursday, February 6
18:00: Official Press Conference with the Head Coaches and captains of the four participating clubs.
Location: Hotel Mencey (Room: Martín González)

Game days news access

Friday, February 7
Following each game, in the venue: mixed zone and post-game press conferences
Sunday, February 9
Following each game, in the venue: mixed zone and post-game press conferences

Accreditation pick-up

You can pick up your accreditation badge at the accreditation center of Pabellon Santiago Martin (please follow the directional signage).

The accreditation center opening hours are:
Thursday, February 6: 09:00-19:00
Friday, February 7: 09:00-21:30
Saturday, February 8: 10:00-17:00
Sunday, February 9: 09:00-19:00

Media areas access

The media areas of the game venue will be open daily, officially opening on February 6.

Thursday, February 6: 09:30-22:30
Friday, February 7: 09:00-24:00
Saturday, February 8: 11:00-19:00
Sunday, February 9: 09:00-24:00

Practice sessions news access

All practice sessions are closed for the media but there are 10 minutes to conduct interviews after the end of each training session and before the start of the next one.
Please, note that teams may cancel certain sessions at short notice.

The official team practice sessions schedule is as follows: 
Thursday, February 6*
09:30-10:30: San Lorenzo (Media availability: 10:30-10:40)
10:40-11:40: Rio Grande Vipers (Media availability: 11:40-11:50)
11:50-12:50: Iberostar Tenerife (Media availability: 12:50-13:00)
19:40-21:10: San Lorenzo (Media availability: 21:10-21:20)
*Virtus Bologna will not practice on Thursday

Friday, February 7
09:00-10:00: San Lorenzo (Media availability: 10:00-10:10)
10:10-11:10: Virtus Bologna (Media availability: 11:10-11:20)
11:20-12:20: Iberostar Tenerife (Media availability: 12:20-12:30)
12:30-13:30: Rio Grande Vipers (Media availability: 13:30-13:40)

Saturday, February 8
12:00-13:20: Losing team SF1 (Media availability: 13:20-13:30)
13:30-14:50: Losing team SF2 (Media availability: 14:50-15:00)
15:00-16:20: Winning team SF1 (Media availability: 16:20-16:30)
16:30-17:50: Winning team SF2 (Media availability: 17:50-18:00)

Sunday, February 9
09:00-10:00: Losing team SF2 (Media availability: 10:00-10:10)
10:10-11:10: Losing team SF1 (Media availability: 11:10-11:20)
11:20-12:20: Winning team SF2 (Media availability: 12:20-12:30)
12:30-13:30: Winning team SF1 (Media availability: 13:30-13:40)

General news access

Non-rights holding media are not allowed on or around the court except if required in order to access the mixed zone area and the press conference.
Filming, recording or live casting of any kind inside the venue bowl is strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to record or broadcast game action.
Media can film and conduct interviews in the mixed zone and the press conference room.

Mixed Zone

All players and coaches go through the mixed zone following the conclusion of a game but they are not obliged to give interviews.
The mixed zone of the Final will take place only after the closing ceremony.

Post-game Press Conference protocol

The post-game press conferences start approximately 15 minutes after the final buzzer.
The official part of the post-game press conferences is contacted in English.
The head coach and one player that played an important part in the game attends.
The two teams attend separately.
The losing team will always attend first and the winning team will follow. The only exception is the home team (in this case Tenerife) who will always attend last, regardless of the result.
The post-game press conference of the Final will take place after the closing ceremony.

Media seating

The main media tribune is situated on the top of the tribune, opposite the main camera. 
A Special Access Device (SAD) sticker is required to access seating in the media tribune. You can pick this up from the Accreditation Centre.
Team press officers have access to seating on court level.
Media tribune volunteers will provide assistance to media in finding their seat.
Photographers do not have access to media tribune seating. They can work from their positions around the court or in the media working room.

Rights holders seating

The rights holders commentary positions are situated on court level. Those positions are reserved for the exclusive use of accredited media of rights-holding organisations.

Photographers' positions, access and bibs

There are two main photographers' positions (benches) and are behind each baseline (always on the right side).
Photographers are not allowed on the court or behind the team benches; they can change sides (from one baseline to the other) at the latest 15 minutes before tip-off or at half time.

All accredited photographers must wear a designated event bib (vest) in order to access their positions court side.
The bibs can be picked up from the Accreditation Center upon arrival.
Only accredited, professional photographers are allowed around the court and on the photographers' positions.

Remote (backboard) cameras

For safety reasons there is a limited number of remote cameras that can installed behind the baskets. Only professional photographers are allowed to install such cameras. Any requests must be forwarded in written form only, via email to communications-europe@fiba.basketball.

Stats distribution

Runners will distribute game statistics to the media tribune before the start of each game and at the end of each quarter and the end of the game.

Media parking

There is a limited number of free parking spots for media. If you are interested in a parking pass please send a request to communications-europe@fiba.basketball.  


Internet is available in all media areas and it is provided over cables and wi-fi.
The login for the wi-fi internet can be obtained in the media working room or through the media operations staff and volunteers.

MVP voting

The accredited media will decide the MVP of the Intercontinental Cup. The online voting form will become available on Sunday, February 9.


We will be happy to assist you with any query and try to answer any questions you may have at any time. You can always contact us at communications-europe@fiba.basketball.