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24 April, 2024
1 Christian Vital (LEGIA)
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Finals predictions: Who will win the title? Who takes MVP?

MUNICH (Germany) - The excitement is building as Bahcesehir College and NINERS Chemnitz go head-to-head in the FIBA Europe Cup Finals, starting on Wednesday, April 17.

There doesn't appear to be much to separate the two teams on paper, so it could be one of the most exciting Finals series in the history of the competition.

So, who better to ask for predictions than some of their foes from this season's FIBA Europe Cup - we asked eight players for their champion and MVP:

Trae Bell-Haynes (Casademont Zaragoza) 

Champion: NINERS Chemnitz
MVP: Kaza Kajami-Keane

"Chemnitz to win. They have so many weapons, and so many players can hurt you. They are also extremely uncomfortable to play against.

"Kaza [Kajami-Keane] as my MVP. I think he is one of their most important players in terms of their style of play offensively."

Christian Vital (Legia Warszawa)

Champion: Bahcesehir College
MVP: Tony Taylor

 "I think Bahcesehir will win - I have to give them credit because they are only team I couldn't beat this season in the FIBA Europe Cup so good luck to them.

 "They are a very well balanced team and even with coaching change they stayed consistent. They also have a solid rotation of players who can help you win games they are a good team."

Pako Cruz (Manisa BBSK)

Champion: Bahcesehir College
MVP: Jerry Boutsiele

"I think NINERS is a very good team, but I think Bahcesehir will get it done. They have a lot of potential especially offensively, and I think they can win it all.

 "I think they are not doing so good in the Turkish league so they will be focused on winning this."

Tanner Omlid (FC Porto) 

Champion: Bahcesehir College
MVP: Jerry Boutsiele

"Bahcesehir will be the champions because they have a great home court advantage. NINERS have a chance, but they need to get a significant advantage in Germany.

"Jerry Boutsiele will be the Finals MVP because when he is on the court Bahcesehir always gets him at least one touch and if he doesn’t get a touch he will be around the rim for the offensive rebound."

Donatas Tarolis (CSM CSU Oradea) 

Champion: NINERS Chemnitz
MVP: DeAndre Lansdowne

 "I think NINERS will win the Finals, because they have bigger rotation of the players, and they play super aggressive all 40 minutes of the game.

 "The Finals MVP - Lansdowne is my pick. He is very experienced, smart, a fighter and a player with winning mentality, so I think he got it."

Edvinas Seskus (Jonava CBet)

Champion: NINERS Chemnitz
MVP: Jeff Garrett

"For me, that's an easy choice, I am cheering for NINERS and MVP goes to Jeff Garrett. He was my teammate last year [at Jonava] and we achieved amazing results together.

 "I know him and I respect him very much like a person and basketball player, I think he deserves to be the champ and MVP for all hard work he puts on the court and how he treats other people." 

Luuk Van Bree (ZZ Leiden)

Champion: NINERS Chemnitz
MVP: DeAndre Lansdowne

 "I think it will be two close games between very talented and good teams. The matchup at center between Yebo and Boutsiele will be very interesting to watch. In the end, I think the discipline and intensity of Chemnitz could make the difference.

"To pick an MVP for Chemnitz is difficult as their success is based on all their players making important contributions, but I think Lansdowne, with all his quality and experience can come through for them and make the difference in clutch moments."

Xavi Rabaseda (Surne Bilbao Basket)

Champion: Bahcesehir College
MVP: Axel Boutseille or Jerry Boutsiele

 "I see the Finals very interesting. I think NINERS are a better team, but Bahcesehir has some great players, and if they can much the intensity and toughness of the German team, I think they will have much more options to win. As for MVP: Bouteille or Boutsiele - it's one of those two."

So, there we have it: four votes for Bahcesehir, and four votes for NINERS - who do you think will be the champions? You can also have your say in predicting the Finals MVP, here.