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26 April, 2023
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Stats leaders: Which players did it best in the Second Round?

MUNICH (Germany) - With FIBA Europe Cup's post-season ahead, it's time to recognize the players who had the most consistent success during the Second Round of the competition.

Here's a look at each of the main stats categories:

Efficiency: Olivier Hanlan (Gaziantep)

Gaziantep had the top efficiency spots covered in the Second Round as their Canadian guard Hanlan comfortably takes the top efficiency spot with a mark of 22.6 with teammate Conner Frankamp not far behind at 20.3.

Hanlan's best effort came when he managed an efficiency evaluation of 32 in just 29 minutes against BC Kalev/Kramo and was also Player of the Month for January.

  Player Team Games EFFPG
1. Olivier Hanlan  Gaziantep 5 22.6
2. Conner Frankamp Gaziantep 4 20.3
3. Max Landis FC Porto 5 19.6
4. Ousman Krubally Keravnos BC 6 19.5
5. Erick Neal CSM CSU Oradea 6 19.0

Points: Max Landis (FC Porto)

FC Porto's Max Landis managed 21.2 points per game in the Second Round, helping guide his side to a trip to the Quarter-Finals. He had season-highs on two occasions with back-to-back 29-point outings against Cholet Basket and SCMU Craiova.

Gaziantep's efficiency king Olivier Hanlan was just behind, scoring 18.6 points per game, while Edon Maxhuni poured in an average of 18.0 points for HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim.

  Player Team Games PPG
1. Max Landis FC Porto 5 21.2
2. Olivier Hanlan  Gaziantep 5 18.6
3.  Edon Maxhuni HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim 6 18.0
4. Deondre Burns Keravnos BC 5 17.6
5. Phillip Greene Anwil Wloclawek   6 17.5

Rebounds: Ousman Krubally (Keravnos BC)

No surprise here — Ousman Krubally dominated the glass in the Regular Season, and continued to do so throughout the Second Round; averaging 9.7 rebounds per game. Although Keravnos won't be making an appearance in the Play-Offs, there's no doubt Krubally made plenty of impact in FIBA Europe Cup this season.

Just behind him, Karhu Basket's Jaye Crockett pulled down 8 boards per game and will look to keep that up in his team's home-and-away matchup against FC Porto in the next round. Jerai Grant rounds out the top three with 7.8 rebounds on average for BC Budivelnyk Kyiv.

  Player Team Games RPG
1. Ousman Krubally Keravnos BC 6 9.7
2. Jaye Crockett Karhu Basket  6 8.0
3. Jerai Grant BC Budivelnyk Kyiv 6 7.8
4-5. Shawn Jones Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa 6 6.8
  Boris Bojanovsky Patrioti Levice  5 6.8

Assists: Arnas Velicka (Niners Chemnitz)

Niners' Lithuanian guard was dishing dimes throughout the Second Round - just like he did in the Regular Season - averaging 7.8 per game. Velicka closed his FIBA Europe Cup season out with a 13 assist effort against SCMU Craiova.

Just a couple of assists behind him, Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa's Anthony Hickey dropped 7.5 per game with Erick Neal and Lee Moore also dishing out more than 7 assists per contest.

  Player Team Games APG
1. Arnas Velicka Niners Chemnitz 6 7.8
2. Anthony Hickey Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa 6 7.5
3-4. Erick Neal CSM CSU Oradea 6 7.3
  Lee H.E. Moore Anwil Wloclawek 4 7.3
5. Henri Kantonen Karhu Basket 5 5.6

Steals: Cortez Edwards (SCMU Craiova)

SCMU Craiova's quick-handed American guard takes the Second Round steals crown as Edwards collected 2.8 per game. He managed 4 steals in two different games, against Niners Chemnitz and Cholet Basket. 

Anthony Hickey showed off defensive as well as offensive skills and was just one steal away from tying Edwards — with 2.7 steals per game.

  Player Team Games SPG
1. Cortez Edwards SCMU Craiova 6 2.8
2. Anthony Hickey Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa 6 2.7
3.  Oleksandr Kovliar BC Kalev/Cramo 5 2.6
4. Kadeem Allen Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa  5 2.4
5. Erick Neal CSM CSU Oradea 6 2.0

Blocks: Justin Patton (Cholet Basket)

Nobody came close to big man Justin Patton's efforts at patrolling the paint in the Second Round — 2 blocks per game in just 21 minutes per contest for Cholet. His best performance came in the final game of the round, when he had 5 rejections against FC Porto. 

In a distant tie for second place, Kadeem Allen and Boris Bojanovsky both swatted 1.4 shots per game with John Egbunu and Mark Ogden also close behind.

  Player Team Games BPG
1. Justin Patton Cholet Basket  6 2.0
2-3. Kadeem Allen Hapoel B-Cure Laser Haifa 5 1.4
  Boris Bojanovsky Patrioti Levice 5 1.4
4. John Egbunu Gaziantep 4 1.3
5. Mark Ogden CSM CSU Oradea 6 1.2