20 September, 2018
01 May, 2019
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Power Rankings meet Play-Offs: Who is worthy of the top seed?

MUNICH (Germany) - After a Regular Season and Second Round full of ups and downs, the Power Rankings roller-coaster terminates at the Play-Off station with s.Oliver Wurzburg, Dinamo Sassari and Pallacanestro Varese at the front of the echelon.

For the most part, excluding the situation with the lucky losers, the Round of 16 draw was conducted without seeds, so the Play-Off edition of the Power Rankings will classify the teams one last time instead.

This list may help you get a more accurate picture of where the weight lies in the Play-Off bracket and which teams may be looking at a relatively easier road to glory than others. 

At the same time, it may not, so to hear all sides of the story, we are also asking you to leave a vote for your favorites to win the FIBA Europe Cup in our fan poll.





Z Mobile Prishtina have already hit a couple of historic milestones in the FIBA Europe Cup this season, qualifying for the Second Round and then advancing to the Play-Offs. Having been paired up with one of the main favorites to win the competition, Pallacanestro Varese, for the Round of 16, the chances of another milestone being reached this season don't appear particularly good.


The extent to which someone who draws Dinamo Sassari in the Round of 16 can be called lucky is debatable, but ZZ Leiden did squeeze into the Play-Offs via the lucky loser route. Having already faced the likes of Avtodor Saratov, Bakken Bears and s.Oliver Wurzburg, they will know what facing high-powered teams feels like. Although the 1-5 record against them might not be all that inspiring, the Dutch side have a strong core of players who should not be counted out prematurely.


After a remarkable Regular Season performance, Alba Fehervar slowed down towards the end of the Second Round. All in all, they have still played above their heads in the FIBA Europe Cup with an 8-4 record, considering it took them three consecutive wins to climb to 10th place and get some separation from the dangerous relegation zone in the Hungarian championship. A particularly tough challenge against sixth-ranked Telekom Baskets Bonn awaits them in the Round of 16.


Donar Groningen were never pegged as favorites last year when they reached the Semi-Finals, but they made plenty of noise in the Play-Offs nonetheless. Their status as a lucky loser comes with an asterisk, having been in the same Second Round group with Dinamo Sassari and Pallacanestro Varese. They might be underdogs against Filou Oostende in the Round of 16, but Donar do have a case to make for themselves.