19 September, 2017
02 May, 2018
20 Dusan Djordjevic | Photo: Filip Vanloocke
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Who will join Juventus in the Quarter-Finals on Wednesday?

MUNICH (FIBA Europe Cup) - Juventus Utena became the first team to qualify for the Quarter-Finals in the FIBA Europe Cup but there will be seven more tickets to the next round of the Play-Offs on the line on Wednesday.

From the teams involved, Nizhny Novgorod and Bakken Bears are in the best position to advance, having registered double-digit victories on the road last week.

Umana Reyer Venezia and Donar Groningen are also in charge of their ties after very big wins at home, with the outcome in the remaining matchups slightly more likely to change.

Nizhny Novgorod v Keravnos

Time: Wednesday, 17:00 CET
Domestic Form: Nizhny Novgorod did not play in the VTB League this week. They remain in 11th place with a 4-10 record. Keravnos picked up an 85-57 victory against Paralimni and improved to a second-best 12-3 record in the Cypriot Basketball League.
Key Matchup: Stevan Jelovac v Mohamed Abukar
First Leg: Nizhny Novgorod +15 (77-62)
Next Opponent: Winner of Egis Kormend v Umana Reyer Venezia
They Said: "We are expecting a tough fight at home in the second leg. During the season Keravnos have proved that they can be very dangerous on the road. You can just recall their game against Avtodor in Russia during the Basketball Champions League Qualifiers. They won and almost eliminated Avtodor from the competition. We must be disciplined on the court if we want to continue our way in FIBA Europe Cup." – Nizhny Novgorod head coach Zoran Lukic
"No one expected for us to reach this far in the season, we recorded nine wins and my players deserve to be here. I am proud of my team and my players for their run in the FIBA Europe Cup. We will now go to Russia and try to take so