03 - 12
August 2018

Discover Oberwart

Oberwart, with its 7,200 inhabitants, is the second largest city of Burgenland, earning a lot of economic and social importance over the decades.

The inhabitants of the municipality and also the numerous guests enjoy colourful variety in every way, because Oberwart has established itself as a business location, trade, fair and shopping city, but also as a school and sports city.

Oberwart is the largest shopping town in Burgenland. We offer our customers plenty of choice with a total sales area of 70,000 square meters - no matter whether in shopping centers on the outskirts or in the stores in the city. Within a radius of up to 90 kilometers, consumers come to take advantage of the variety we offer.

The township is constantly working to create appropriate conditions for a good life and living in Oberwart. Childcare facilities or care for the elderly are just one example. Residents, but also visitors to the city benefit from the attractive leisure activities. The outdoor pool provides cool relief on hot summer days and the "Inform stadium" with the sports hall always offers exciting competitions of the many Oberwart sports clubs for you to see.

An active social life, the great sports facilities and the shopping and entertainment options ensure that you will not get bored in Oberwart. It is worthwhile to visit this city!

The city is located in southern Burgenland and is the district capital of the district Oberwart.

The name of the local basketball team and 2011 champions Redwell Gunners Oberwart (www.gunners.at).