11 October, 2016
16 April, 2017
5 Virginie Brémont (ESBVA-LM) (photo: Emmanuel Roussel)
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EuroLeague Women Review: Week 14

MUNICH (EuroLeague Women) - Our women's basketball specialist Paul Nilsen gives us his take on all the EuroLeague Women action from the last week of the Regular Season.


I have to confess that the change of coach at Beretta Famila Schio was an eye-opener and mystified me a little. The timing of Miguel Mendez and the Italian giants parting ways after four years of him being at the helm was a surprise and I assume a difficult decision. 

It was quite an entrance for new play-caller Mauro Procaccini to make as his first ever game in the tournament resulted in a fine 71-63 win against ZVVZ USK Prague.

It confirmed that Schio are once again a top eight team in the competition and while other clubs might be lured by the opportunity of silverware in EuroCup Women, I am tipping my hat in admiration at the determination of Schio to reach the Quarter-Finals.

While meeting UMMC Ekaterinburg doesn't seem much of a reward for their efforts, it is good to see the club and the players at Schio take pride in their top eight finish and you just never know what can happen - as unlikely as it may seem for UMMC to slip up.

I thought the performance of Schio was very positive and I loved this kind of aggressive play from the wonderful Cecilia Zandalisini


Hatay probably didn't know whether to laugh or cry as they were just pipped in that three-way tie to make the Quarter-Finals after brilliantly blowing away Tango Bourges 69-51.

If you take away their rotten 0-4 start to their rookie season, they are an eye-popping 7-3 in what what I think is the toughest of the two groups. As they got ready for the tip-off during Week 5 of the season, few could have anticipated that they would end up being disappointed at not finishing in the top four.

It has been a remarkable effort and I thought it was a lovely sight to see Katsiaryna Sntysina doing her usual selfie after the game, managing to get her colleagues, coaching staff and quite a few fans into the photo as well.

Hatay should not be disappointed and were right to still smile, because their adventure will continue in EuroCup Women.

And, I would not discount them from making waves in that competition too. They look like a tough nut to crack right now!


Team Performance of the Week: Playing under pressure, I have to hand it to Schio for that fabulous success against ZVVZ USK Prague which cemented that precious top four finish in Group A.

Individual Performance of the Week: ESBVA-LM had to deal with the potential of being left empty-handed when they faced Sopron, but I thought Virginie Bremont did fine work in guiding them to a 78-63 victory and safely into the EuroCup Women Quarter-Finals. The guard was up against the experienced Zsofia Fegyverneky and Yvonne Turner, and yet contributed an excellent line of 14 points, 8 assists and 5 steals.

Unsung Hero of the Week: While Endene Miyem headlined for Schio, the win was also underpinned by the 14 points and 7 rebounds posted by Jolene Anderson.


- Sandra Ygueravide became the fourth player this season to rack up double-digits assists during two separate games after handing out 11 of them for Wisla Can-Pack in the victory against BLMA.


- It's goodbye to four teams in CCC Polkowice, CMB Cargo Uni Gyor, Mersin and Sopron, whose respective seasons all ended this week. While the competition is intense and particularly fierce, I think every club except Gyor should be disappointed and especially Mersin when you look at how well fellow rookies Hatay have done.

- The club that is intriguing me most right now is ZVVZ USK Prague. While they have played some tough teams of late, they now head into the post-season on a three-game losing streak and their Quarter-Finals battle with Nadezhda is the standout duel for me.

- Finally, Dynamo Kursk and Lucas Mondelo going 14-0? A superb achievement at the elite level and congratulations to him, his players and the staff. But it's all about reaching Final Four now and a first-ever Final at the very least. The heat is about to get turned up!

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