05 October, 2016
12 April, 2017
10 Jelena Dubljevic (Bellona AGÜ) (photo: İlkin Mert Uzer)
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Dubljevic still riding on a high alongside fellow Sparks family members

KAYSERI (EuroCup Women) – Jelena Dubljevic is hoping she can scoop a Transatlantic silverware double when she steps out with Bellona Agu in the EuroCup Women Final.

The Montenegro national team leader has already accomplished the first part of that mission after signing off her first season Stateside with a WNBA title last October.

It’s an experience which has been made even more special in that she is now playing alongside two of her Los Angeles Sparks colleagues at Bellona Agu, in the shape of Ann Wauters and Chelsea Gray.

"Even now in some moments, the whole experience with Los Angeles Sparks feels like a dream - and, winning the WNBA Championship feels even more surreal," said Dubljevic.

"Last summer is definitely one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Just the simple feeling that I was part of the WNBA world, part of the Sparks' family and at the end of it all - a champion.

"It is probably every player's dream come true and I’m very grateful I had a chance to be a part of it, to live it - and with such great players and people who were part of it too.

"They all became more than team-mates to me, so playing with Ann [Wauters] and Chelsea [Gray] now in Kayseri, feels like I am playing with members of the family and I’m very happy because of it."

With a EuroCup Women winners medal now in her sights and only Yakin Dogu Universitesi standing between Dubljevic and another fairytale, it is sending her profile into orbit in her homeland.

Yet most importantly, Dubljevic is keen to emphasize how what she is doing is not only something that satisfies her own ambitions – but can also inspire those who want to walk in her footsteps.

She explained: "With or without winning a WNBA or EuroCup Women title, I am always trying to be a good role model to young girls and to inspire them to follow their dreams.

"Of course, with actually winning the WNBA title, I’m also happy I can send an even stronger message to all of the young girls who love basketball.

"This message is that even if you are maybe from a small country, or if you don’t have the greatest conditions to work and develop yourself as a player, you can still make it by utilizing will-power, hard work, persistence and with your love for the game."

Dubljevic will line-up for Bellona Agu in the first leg of the Final against Yakin Dogu Universitesi on Wednesday.