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EuroLeague Women Power Rankings; Volume 4
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EuroLeague Women Power Rankings: Volume 4

MUNICH (Germany) - With the weeks beginning to run out and as we get ready to move towards the Regular Season stretch, it's time for another volume of the Power Rankings.

Taking into account the performances and results so far and comparing with Volume 3, as well as considering mitigating factors such as absentees or injuries, here's how it's looking right now.

1. Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding  (-)

Season Record: 8-1

Hands up! Who said Fenerbahce could go all season without losing? Wrong! They now know what defeat tastes like after being beat by LDLC ASVEL Feminin. It's also now apparent that while winning their first eight games, they looked thin depth-wise compared to previous seasons. Emma Meesseman, Natasha Howard and Kayla McBride are arguably being leaned on too much. Is another quality addition needed if they really want consecutive titles? 

2. ZVVZ USK Praha USK  (+1) 

Season Record: 8-1

It's a move upwards for Praha after three more wins on their record since we last ranked them. In control at the summit of Group B, they have a lot of options now on their roster. Nyara Sabally and Ezi Magbegor look so strong, the Maite Cazorla and Teja Oblak options at the point means less of a load on the latter like last season. Other players can still shift up a gear. Are we over-egging the cake? Could Praha repeat their shock 2015 title success? Oops, said it now!

3. Casademont Zaragoza (+2) 

Season Record: 7-2

An incredible six wins in a row and flying high, Zaragoza don't want this first season to end. It's already in fairytale territory, but could there be more to come? A first Final Four? Perhaps most impressively of all, they have dug out some close games with defense and teamwork, have coped with the loss of the influential Helena Oma and haven't been too reliant on Leonie Fiebich as much. It's been awesome. Oh and they have stormed the 'best fan memes' category too!

4. Cukurova Basketbol Mersin  (-2)

Season Record: 6-3

The wheels almost came flying off for Cukurova. They were one basket away from three straight defeats but escaped at Basket Landes. With Agnes Studer departing, Alina Iagupova struggling to hit top gear and some other issues, they need to push a mid-season reset button. With just five weeks left, can they refocus, energize and make a push, or will their stuttering form continue? Marina Mabrey and Elizabeth Williams are still rolling strong, but they need support.

5. DVTK HUN-Therm  (-1)

Season Record: 7-2

Don't panic. Don't panic. A loss to Fenerbahce and a tight one against Zaragoza is not bad news. It is simply a measurement of just how far the Miskolc based club have come. It's still wonderful. It's still beyond their wildest dreams to be 7-2. The post-season seems inevitable. Final Four is still a possibility. But seriously, just don't panic. That team basketball, tough defense, smarts and good rotations should harvest the few extra wins they need to advance.

6. Beretta Famila Schio SCHI (+3)  

Season Record: 6-3

What a turnaround. Three weeks ago, Schio looked out of sorts, a pale shadow of the team that reached Final Four last season. But they have looked rejuvenated and have an opportunity to even challenge for second place.  But watch out for the sting in the tail. The last five games are DVTK on the road, Fenerbahce at home, ASVEL away, Zaragoza at home and Valencia on the road.  'OOOOF'. What a finish. Can they finish with a winning record?

7. Villeneuve d'Ascq  (+3)  

Season Record:

No half measures! That's what it's like with Villeneuve right now. They are making some moves with three wins in their last four games. The loss was a big one. But the wins have been so commanding these last two weeks when blowing away Gyor and Avenida. Are they the dark horses sick of being in the shadows and coming into the light? Cukurova next game will answer that. 'K' is the key by the way. Kariata (Diaby), Kennedy (Burke) and Kamiah (Smalls).

8. Perfumerias Avenida AVEN (-)

Season Record: 5-4

Everything was going great until last week's big loss in France. Sika Kone was looking like the baller we all thought she would be, Avenida had won three straight - but then what happened? Every so often they just lose big and it's a worry. But still - they are Quarter-Finals material as things stand and it does feel like that 'Blue Tide' is rising up! They still have to play the bottom three teams and have brought in the know-how of Bernadett Hatar. Opportunity knocks!

9. Valencia Basket Club (-3) 

Season Record: 4-5

Nobody had Valencia with a losing record after nine games on their EuroLeague Women bingo card did they? However, there is one big factor that could see them climbing up the next volume of the rankings - four of their last five games are at home. That should feel good. The next game against ASVEL is so crunch. But, the highest efficiency of a player is 11 (Queralt Casas) and their top scorer is 8.8 points per game (Alba Torrens). Now go figure why they're 4-5.

10. KGHM BC Polkowice   (+1) 

Season Record:

Flip a coin as to whether Polkowice will just squeeze out a post-season spot or just miss out on the Play-Offs. The remaining games on paper look more favorable than not - it could be a lot worse. But the wider group needs to come alive as perhaps only Brittney Sykes, Brianna Fraser and Dragana Stankovic are playing to their level just now. If one or two other players can heat up in these closing weeks, maybe they can do it and jump to the Quarter-Finals.

11. LDLC ASVEL Feminin  (+1) 

Season Record: 2-7

Better late than never. It was a great display to hand Fenerbahce that first loss. Was it the start of a stunning rescue mission that could see them somehow take fourth place - or was it papering over the cracks of having lost to lowly ACS Sepsi-SIC two games before that? How about this for a controversial line? How much better is the Fenerbahce roster on paper to ASVEL - if at all? Yes, they should be doing much better. Was last week's win just a one-off? Let's see!

12. Virtus Segafredo Bologna   (-5)

Season Record: 4-5

Thank goodness for that much needed win last week which staggeringly made sure that Virtus avoided what would have been a painful and unthinkable sixth loss in a row. There are shades of last season about this team when they never realized their potential. If a drop of five places is harsh, factor in that leading scorer Ivana Dojkic could be out for a few weeks which is bad luck. They also have Praha, Cukurova and Avenida all to come on the road too. Ouch!

13. Basket Landes BLAN (-)

Season Record: 2-7

There's no move upwards for Landes having lost two of their last three games since the previous edition of the rankings, you have to admire that they not only beat Virtus, but were super-competitive against Praha and only just missed out against Cukurova. This is the blueprint for the French side. To punch above their weight. The post-season is beyond them, but they might land one or two blows to opponents before the Regular Season concludes. 

14. ACS Sepsi-SIC   (+2) 

Season Record: 1-8

How can we not move up the Romanian club a couple of spots? ASVEL beat the reigning champions and previously undefeated Fenerbahce and yet Sepsi beat ASVEL. It's only fair on that basis - right? On a more serious note, that historic first ever win and the manner of the win with a late bucket from Borislava Hristova was just joyful for all neutrals because the prospect of a winless rookie campaign is never palatable. Can they take just one more at least? 

15. Serco UNI Gyor   (-1)

Season Record: 1-8

Some injuries are strong mitigation for what has been a very challenging return to the elite level for Gyor. Being without Kristine Anigwe for some games and also marquee signing Diamond Miller has been rough. But still, they should have done better. It looks like pride is all that can be salvaged right. Destiny Slocum has been a solid performer and one of the positive points, along with younger players getting more experience, but it continues to be challenging. 

16. Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin   (-1)

Season Record: 1-8

A first season in the competition of struggle continues, although things could look a little bit brighter next week if Lublin can complete a double over ACS Sepsi-SIC. That is a big game in what is likely to be the task of avoiding bottom spot. Elin Gustavsson and Veronica Burton are the duo who can help them get it done. In fairness to the newcomers, they could have beaten Schio a couple of weeks ago and on their day can cause opponents problems. 

Disclaimer: The Power Rankings are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking system. All comments are purely those of the author.

Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen

The EuroLeague Women Power Rankings are put together by our expert panel, led by FIBA's women's basketball specialist Paul Nilsen. He eats, sleeps and breathes female hoops and is incredibly passionate about the promotion of the women's game at all levels. Paul uses an extensive network of players, coaches, clubs and Federations to shape his work and opinions.