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EuroLeague Women Power Rankings: Quarter-Finals edition
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EuroLeague Women Power Rankings: Quarter-Finals edition

MUNICH (Germany) - The EuroLeague Women Regular Season is over and now all eyes are on the Quarter-Finals of the competition, which means it's time for a special volume of the Power Rankings.

Taking into account the performances and results and comparing with Volume 5, as well as considering mitigating factors such as absentees, injuries, additions and the all-important Quater-Finals draw, here's how it's looking.

1. Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding  (-)

Season Record: 12-2

While it has not been all plain-sailing for Fenerbahce this season, they still look on course to successfully defend their cherished title. Even more so with the addition of Napheesa Collier and it will surely be the one-two punch of her and Emma Meesseman that makes them clear favorites to win it all again. With Kayla McBride and Yvonne Anderson also potent as a combo in the backcourt, they're looking strong.

Meanwhile a special mention for Turkish duo Sevgi Uzun and Alperi Onar, who've both done excellent as part of the supporting cast behind the headliners  Now, a rejuvenated Perfumerias Avenida stand in their way of Final Four and Fenerbahce will know a shock is not impossible as few teams relish playing at Pabellon Wurzburg in these situations.

2. ZVVZ USK Praha USK (-)

Season Record:

An impressive Regular Season was rounded off nicely with a massive road win in Mersin. The extra options Natalia Hejkova has compared to previous seasons continues to bear fruit. So whisper it quietly, but are they really about to ride to the Final at the very least? With Teja Oblak and Maite Cazorla getting ready to cook, Valeriane Ayayi and Maria Conde on the wing and the powerful Ezi Magbegor and Nyara Sabally in the paint, they will take some stopping.

The fans will be ready to support their push for silverware, but they will be aware that there is danger ahead. They have faced Schio in the post-season during recent years and it has not been easy. This included losing at the Final Four last year when the Italians beat them to Third Place in the Czech capital. 

3. Cukurova Basketbol Mersin (-) 

Season Record: 9-5

It's a good idea to keep refreshing your socials when it comes to Cukurova, since its always eventful. The club recently signed former EuroLeague Women MVP, Kahleah Copper - quite the coup so late in the day. The prospect of the USA guard lining up alongside January MVP Marina Mabrey is very exciting. And, with those two to fuel the fire, it's going to get seriously hot for opposing defenders. Although, from long-range, Cukurova need a serious uplift in accuracy and now.

Under the hoop, the classy Elizabeth Williams has played consistently well and will get some help from another new signing in Stephanie Mavunga from Polkowice.  But do they now have the depth to challenge for the title with these two late additions? Now it's a big test coming up against Casademont Zaragoza.

4. Villeneuve d'Ascq LM (+3) 

Season Record:

A little controversial perhaps. After all, before a few weeks ago, the French side had not even made it past the Regular Season and now they are making a historic Final Four in the Power Rankings. However, there is logic and this is all about momentum. While the tie with DVTK HUN-Therm is arguably 50-50 on paper, Villeneuve have had a strong second half of the campaign (5-3) compared to a losing first half (3-4).

Playcaller Rachid Meziane is highly respected after his historic FIBA Women's EuroBasket success with Belgium and also now with Villeneuve d'Ascq LM. On the court, Kennedy Burke leads the competition in steals and is a power on offense too. The main five is solid with Kamiah Smalls, Shavonte Zellous, Janelle Salaun and Kariata Diaby. And with Maxuella Lisowa-Mbaka bringing energy of the bench, they're tough. Plus, their home court form is superb. Maybe #4 is no as crazy as it looks. 

5. Casademont Zaragoza  (-1)

Season Record: 9-5

With their amazing fan base, Casademont Zaragoza have been a sensational addition to the competition in their first season and have already made history with the post-season spot. Have they got what it takes to beat Cukurova? Perhaps. It could be close as the respective season records suggest. But in the last six games, Zaragoza are 3-3 and that is far away from their early season form when they were like a runaway train.

There is just so much responsibility on the shoulders of Leonie Fiebich and having been all the way to Brazil to represent Germany recently, it's a lot to ask for her to keep carrying this team. Mariona Ortiz has had a great season too though, with Tanaya Atkinson also influential. But is there the scoring depth they need at this level? Maybe not. But then again, their defense is so good and the fans so noisy, don't go expecting an easy ride for Cukurova!

6. DVTK HUN-Therm  (-1)

Season Record: 9-5

It's also been a season of two halves for DVTK too! Having come through the Qualifiers, their red-hot start was amazing. Despite dropping gears after the winter break, they still took a first-ever ticket to the post-season. The team basketball they have played all season has been terrific, but the challenge remains scoring enough points to get wins. 

They will rely so heavily on defense. They've lost four of the last five and now must tackle the in-form Villeneuve. It's doable for sure with the do it all Kaila Charles leading the way, Reka Lelik on the wing and Milica Jovanovic in the paint. But the rest of the roster need to turn up the noise or this wonderful journey is coming to an end. 

7. Beretta Famila Schio SCHI  (-1)

Season Record: 8-6

They're only in seventh place because to jump to the Final Four, they must inflict as many defeats on ZVVZ USK Praha as their opponents have suffered all season long. But while in seventh, they have more than hope of causing the surprise. They are one of the in-form teams with a stellar six wins in the last eight games that transformed their campaign.

Having taken them to a historic first Final Four last season, Georgios Dikaioulakos continues to work wonders. Arella Guirantes is running the show from the backcourt, with Robyn Parks the other main prong of their attack. With Jasmine Keys continuing to impress, Dorka Juhasz gaining momentum in her first season, and precious veteran know-how from Giorgia Sottana, maybe they can do it.

8. Perfumerias Avenida AVEN(+2) 

Season Record: 8-6

The great news for Avenida is that after a roller-coaster, they finished the season strongly to make a late surge into the Quarter-Finals. The bad news is that they face number one seeds and reigning champs Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding next. To cause a surprise and make Final Four they will have to do what no team has done - win in Istanbul.

What is encouraging is that they can have confidence in getting it done at home. Luis Rey has had his team playing simple and highly effective basketball since he took the reins for the last few games. Laura Gil and Sika Kone are both playing well, with Bernadett Hatar also able to make a difference in this tie. The problem remains a lack of firepower in the backcourt. No guard or winger is even averaging double-figures and that's tough against the number one team.

Disclaimer: The Power Rankings are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking system. All comments are purely those of the author.

Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen

The EuroLeague Women Power Rankings are put together by our expert panel, led by FIBA's women's basketball specialist Paul Nilsen. He eats, sleeps and breathes female hoops and is incredibly passionate about the promotion of the women's game at all levels. Paul uses an extensive network of players, coaches, clubs and Federations to shape his work and opinions.