11 October, 2022
16 April, 2023
8 Costanza Verona (SCH), 3 Marina Mabrey (SCH)
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How teamwork can fuel a Final Four fairytale for Schio

SCHIO (Italy) - The celebrations when Beretta Famila Schio made their first Final Four were quite something, but that sense of accomplishment and pride could soon morph into fairytale status.

While Schio have played at the flagship season event previously, that was when the Final Four was briefly expanded to the Final Eight. This time it is different and making the Semi-Finals has made a whole town burst with pride.

But they're not stopping there and after an eye-catching 10-4 Regular Season, an epic Quarter-Finals series against the highly fancied Valencia Basket Club and Italian Cup silverware last weekend, Schio will be determined to pull off a surprise.



If they manage to do it, then it will surely be their togetherness, toughness and general teamwork that is most likely to fuel the upset as they prepare to face Fenerbahce Alagoz Holding in the Semi-Finals.

"We have a lot of personalities which is great for us," stated Marina Mabrey, who has led the team with more than 14 points per game.

"We have people who are really fiery and competitive and other people who are a calming presence and steady. We kind of just combine that together, using exactly what we need on those certain nights has been a big part of us being successful."

She added: "Everyone brings special skillsets and I think our team is great at putting it together and putting people in positions to be successful."

It's a sentiment echoed by head coach Giorgios Dikaioulakos, who insisted: "The biggest strength of this team is the team inside. No matter who plays, who doesn't play, who's had a good day or a bad day, it doesn't change anything.

"The mentality that the players have created for this team and the toughness is the biggest strength."

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Four reasons Schio can find a fairytale finish to their season

Teamwork can make the dream work

The beauty of this Schio side is that they really do so much as a team on the court. It shows in the games themselves and also in the numbers which backs that up. They have four players in Astou Ndour, Marina Mabrey, Jasmine Keys and Rhyne Howard all locked between 12-14 in efficiency. So nobody is having a stellar year, but together, that level of consistency and connection is so effective. When you throw in the contributions from the rest of the roster which have also impressed, there is a whole lot to love.

Underdogs have done it before - on the same court

Schio are massive underdogs and it is well documented that the main platform for their historic run to the Semi-Finals was founded on their outstanding unbeaten home record. Now they must do it on the road and against the odds, but they can take some inspiration that it was on this very same court in the Czech capital that ZVVZ USK Praha toppled runaway favorites and absolute juggernauts UMMC Ekaterinburg to win their first title. Another time for an underdog to shine? Stranger things have happened...

Dikaioulakos is a coach that can get it done

It always looked like a good fit when experienced Greek playcaller Giorgios Dikaioulakos was appointed by Schio and after a couple of seasons at the helm, he has already delivered by getting them to this first Final Four. Yet he will be eager to ensure that this is not the end and there will be absolute no way that Schio will be satisfied with this impressive accomplishment. They have nothing to lose and the organization, strong defense and teamwork will be turned up even more - coach GD will make sure of that!

Homegrown passion

Schio have more domestic ballers making tangible contributions on their team than any other Final Four club and that added passion can only be a great factor during the big weekend,  Forward Jasmine Keys has written the most headlines and been fantastic, but Gio Sottana and Costanza Verona have also made a noise in the backcourt, with Martina Bestagno rock solid in the paint. That Italian pride won' be in short supply on the court!