11 October, 2022
16 April, 2023
9 Celine Dumerc (BLAN)
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Dumerc joins select 2,000 point club in final EuroLeague Women game

MONT-DE-MARSAN (France) - French legend Celine Dumerc passed a major milestone in her last EuroLeague Women outing after becoming one of only 20 players in history to reach 2,000 points in the competition.

Waving farewell for Basket Landes on a winning note and in front of the home fans during a 72-63 triumph against DVTK Hun-Therm, Dumerc scored 13 points and ends her career with 2012 points.

She also dished up 6 more assists in her final outing and with 926 in total, she steps away a proud 3rd on the All-Time list. That is not all, since she also retires in 4th place for steals with 430 and 7th in appearances with 234 games to her name.

Speaking after her game in the competition, Dumerc was typically modest and not dwelling too much on making the 2,000 club.

She said: "Honestly for me, what is most important is the victory for the collective team.

"I wasn't really a scorer during my career and of course scoring some baskets made the fans happy, but as a point guard, I prefer to pass the ball to my teammates for them to score. But, ok it is something and it is a good number - it's nice."

Dumerc had previously announced her retirement but is glad to have posted this additional time on the EuroLeague Women floor.

The guard explained: "I have had so much pleasure on the court and honestly, when I feel good in my body, I feel like I can play 10 more years.

"We had just won the French Cup with Basket Landes and I was just coming back from surgery after a long injury, so I felt like I could make one more season. But the main reason is because I love this game and I am really enjoying it on the court."

So, the big question is whether there is any chance of another re-think and a change of heart to squeeze out one more campaign?

"No, I will not change my mind," she smiled.

"Even if I am getting better in my body and I don't feel pain every time I am waking up, I think this one was my real last one and I am really happy it has ended like this," concluded Dumerc.