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Astou Ndour x Proudly Woman: ''Basketball helps a lot of people''

SCHIO (Italy) - Beretta Famila Schio standout Astou Ndour is fiercely proud of her Senegalese roots and will never forget what it's like to be a young girl in Africa dreaming of becoming a basketball star.

Currently preparing to step out with the Italian side for their maiden EuroLeague Women Final Four appearance, Ndour has been reflecting on a journey that started when she was a little kid with big hopes; ambitions which have since been realized having played in all the major international tournaments with her adopted nation, Spain.

As part of the Proudly Woman series focused on EuroLeague Women players, the forward has been explaining how having made it to the top of the sport, she is determined to give back via her Astou N'Dour AN45 Association.  



She is using the development initiative in Senegal as a real lever for development and fulfillment for young people through education, sport and health.

"I was like them before. I know what they are facing," said Ndour as she reflected on the work done at her first major camp. "It was a good experience and it was not easy as it was my first time doing that in Senegal. But the only thing I wanted was for them to be happy. And, if they were happy, then I am happy too."

"I think basketball helps a lot of people," she continued.

Ndour was a key factor behind Schio qualifying for their maiden Final Four

"They are the future so if we work on making them happy and being in a good condition, we will see the benefit."

It's not just in her homeland where Astou is making a difference and inspiring respect and love. Those around her in Schio are also appreciative of what she brings to the table.

You can enjoy insight from head coach Giorgios Dikaioulakos, as well as her teammates Jasmine Keys and Marina Mabrey.

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