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16 April, 2023
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Alba Torrens x Proudly Woman: ''Learning is a never-ending process in basketball and in life''

VALENCIA (Spain) - There aren't many players in the modern history of EuroLeague Women who have accomplished what Alba Torrens has in her time in the league.

One of only three players to have lifted the prestigious EuroLeague Women trophy on six separate occasions, the 33-year-old Valencia Basket Club star is matched only by the likes of the legendary Diana Taurasi, as well as Natalia Vieru.

Having returned to Spain after 11 seasons playing abroad, Torrens has continued to fuel her role model status to so many with her leadership on and off the court in what has been a successful maiden season for Valencia in EuroLeague Women.

As part of the Proudly Woman series focused on EuroLeague Women players, Torrens has provided an insight into what has allowed to be so successful throughout her career and also what continues to drive her.



One of the most decorated and respected players in the women's game and with a track record that is laced with silverware, Torrens has been speaking about how being successful and racking up accomplishments is not enough on its own - and that the learning never stops for her.

"It is important the way that you do things," she explained.

"Not just what you do, but the way that you do it. Bring your personal values in the way that you do things - no matter what it is,"

"I make mistakes on the court and off the court. But I try to see and show this is a never ending process of learning in basketball and in life," added Torrens.

Lately, the experienced player had been hampered with an injury before stepping back on the court during the Quarter-Finals. Yet no matter if she is on the floor or not, her colleagues are grateful to have her around because of her expertise and commitment to what is a highly ambitious and exciting project at the club.

 "For us it is incredible to work with a player and person of her level," enthused head coach, Ruben Burgos.

"She understood very good what the team needed from her. And, she wants to be here, to be in Valencia and for us it's a pleasure of course."

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