15 September, 2021
10 April, 2022
Proudly Woman launch 2021
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EuroLeague Women launches #ProudlyWoman campaign

MUNICH (Germany) - EuroLeague Women has launched #ProudlyWoman, an exciting new campaign, which will seek to explore and promote the values that the league's players and clubs proudly display every time they step onto the court.

With the top female athletes from across the world represented in the competition, the project will look to maximize their influence to inspire fans and communities in Europe and beyond and promote women's basketball.

Playing in the EuroLeague Women is a goal for every aspiring basketball player from around the globe, and the pursuit of this dream generates a dynamic mix of cultures and backgrounds that is unique to the competition.

#ProudlyWoman aims to showcase this wide diversity, as well as to draw upon the athletes' stories – these are the narratives that the project aspires to bring to all fans, with the hope that they get to know them and relate to them. 

"EuroLeague Women has made incredible strides in recent years and we are determined to keep raising the level with each and every season," said FIBA Executive Director Europe Kamil Novak.

"At the heart of this growth is of course the talented, ambitious and inspiring women from Europe and across the world, who make EuroLeague Women so special. It's my strong belief that the launch of the new campaign will help the competition take the next step."

The path to get to the elite level and into a competition like the EuroLeague Women is often long and difficult.

Some players have only recently landed there, such as the dynamic Slovenian guard Zala Friskovec or the influential Italian forward Elisa Penna. Meanwhile, others – such as the EuroLeague Women all-time assists leader Laia Palau – have become synonymous with the competition.

Part of the project will consist in exploring how young players can be inspired by their stories and how that bridge between generations is developing.

Perhaps most importantly, #ProudlyWoman will be trying to shine a spotlight on the amazing EuroLeague Women athletes to show that, in addition to their exceptional talent on the floor, they have many layers to their life and respective personalities.

What are they most interested in and what do they care about?

What makes them tick?

And what legacy do they want to leave behind - on and off the court?

In this journey, the new #ProudlyWoman campaign will be featured prominently across the EuroLeague Women social media channels, as well as the official website and the app throughout the 2021-22 edition of the competition and beyond, giving the protagonists of the league a bigger platform than ever before.


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