15 September, 2021
10 April, 2022
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EuroLeague Women continues impressive digital growth

MUNICH (Germany) - As well as hitting the heights with the usual entertainment and thrills on the floor, EuroLeague Women celebrated another season of impressive engagement and sustained growth across the digital landscape.

With the competition returning to the full format and fans coming back to arenas for the 2021-22 campaign, the soaring interest in the competition was only reaffirmed by the record-breaking crowds at the Final Four in Istanbul.

The 9,500 fans for the title decider between Sopron Basket and Fenerbahce Safiport is a new Final Four record

The phenomenal digital growth was demonstrated most starkly by the landmark 25 million video views, up from 1.4 million three years ago and helped by the launch of a dedicated EuroLeague Women YouTube channel,  something which has given an exciting platform for fans to access even more tailored content.

There was considerable growth across all EuroLeague Women social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with the overall tally of followers now rapidly bearing down on half a million.

Meanwhile, the increase of users of the EuroLeague Women app was particularly important, with its popularity also growing strongly. 

Engagement with EuroLeague Women website content also remained very strong, with Spain, France and Turkey continuing to be the biggest audiences. There was also major growth in other markets in Europe and beyond, including USA, Italy, Germany and Hungary - the latter no doubt buoyed by Sopron Basket being crowned 2022 champions.

"This evidence of the growing popularity of EuroLeague Women is something we can all be proud of as it is contributing to the wider aims of raising the profile of the women's game," enthused FIBA Executive Director Europe, Kamil Novak.

"To have come through the extreme challenges that were posed by COVID-19 and achieve this kind of digital growth is satisfying, but we will continue to push on as there are more goals to achieve."

In line with the long-term vision of the league, the introduction of the #ProudlyWoman campaign before the start of the season provided a significant boost to EuroLeague Women's online portfolio and served as an exciting new platform to supplement its digital growth.