28 October, 2020
18 April, 2021
What grade did each club achieve in the first EuroLeague Women Regular Season hub?
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What grade did each club achieve in the first EuroLeague Women Regular Season hub?

MUNICH (Germany) - With the dust settling on an exciting first EuroLeague Women Regular Season hub, we take a look at how each club performed against expectation.

We've reviewed the results and performances of all clubs there were in action, whether good, bad or ugly, considered any mitigating factors such as absences and here's the outcome. 

Group A

Perfumerias Avenida AVEN A+

Current Record: 2-0 (1st in Group A)
December Hub Results: v Nadezhda 70-42 ; v Dynamo Kursk 89-74

Two very impressive victories against Nadezhda and Dynamo Kursk, it was a sweet double for Avenida and especially head coach Roberto Iniguez against two of his former employers. He looked fired up, while his players looked a strong team unit, with Tiffany Hayes and Emese Hof both on fire. This was about as good as anyone could have expected and on this basis at least, the signs look very positive. A great job and leading the steals chart underlined their intense and composed approach.

Nadezhda NAD B

Current Record: 1-1 (2nd in Group A)
December Hub Results: v Dynamo Kursk 77-74 ; v Perfumerias Avenida 42-70

It was a bitter-sweet first hub for Maros Kovacik and his team - although maybe that should be sweet-bitter after opening up with the super win against Kursk and then crashing and burning badly against Avenida. The B rating seems fair against expectations and they probably would have taken 1-1 beforehand. Anastasia Logunova was a plus point, but as a team they can't throw the ball away like they did in this hub with almost 19 turnovers per game. It's certainly a work in progress.

Dynamo Kursk KURSD

Current Record: 0-2 (3rd in Group A)
December Hub Results: v Nadezhda 74-77 ; v Perfumerias Avenida 74-89

Deja vu? A lack of chemistry led to a disjointed 2019-20 season and could be the same again for the 0-2 Russian side, who made the Power Ranking of 4th look like silly. They played like individuals wanting to boost their own stats, while surely Raisa Musina needs more court time after her fine Russia displays. In the preview we asked if head coach Elena Shakirova had what it takes with this squad. There are even more questions than answers after this, but the players must also take responsibility. 

Group B


Current Record: 2-1 (1st in Group B)
December Hub Results: v VBW Arka Gdynia 89-57; v ZVVZ USK Praha 79-80 ; v Fenerbahce 84-70 

Did they see their 9th place in the Power Rankings ? They seemed determined to prove its inaccuracy with three nice performances. Pipping Praha would have earned an A+. The headlines rightly focused on the brilliant Marine Johannes, but make no mistake, this was a big team effort. Helena Ciak and Alysha Clark were excellent too. Has any team ever passed the ball one-handed so much and yet turned it over so little? Fun to watch, they've made this group beautifully complicated and deserve huge credit.


Current Record: 2-1 (2nd in Group B)
December Hub Results: v Fenerbahce 70-77; v LDLC ASVEL Feminin 80-79 ; v VBW Arka Gdynia 85-76

They could and maybe should have beaten Fenerbahce after a great start, but could have easily lost against Lyon. So, it was a decent first bubble that could have been better or worse. Alyssa Thomas and Brionna Jones really are quite something and when in-form, they are a tough act to have to lock down. Praha were good on the boards but were in need of improvement from the perimeter. Perhaps suffering from a lack of intense competition domestically, they were slightly undercooked.

Fenerbahce FENE B

Current Record: 2-1 (3rd in Group B)
December Hub Results: v ZVVZ USK Praha 77-70; v VBW Arka Gdynia 80-70 ; v LDLC ASVEL Feminin 70-84

Difficult to assess, Fenerbahce failed to impress as much as they hoped. They showed good attributes to come from behind in the opening win against Praha, with Satou Sabally doing an amazing job. They struggled to see off Gdynia and then the wheels came flying off against Lyon. It's hard to criticize as they didn't have a point guard due to injuries which is tough this level. But overall, they looked blunt offensively and that's a worry. They now find themselves behind the curve after an average first hub.

VBW Arka Gdynia GDYN B-

Current Record: 0-3 (4th in Group B)
December Hub Results: v LDLC ASVEL Feminin 57-89 ; v Fenerbahce 70-80 ; v ZVVZ USK Praha 76-85

Is this grade cruel or generous? While an 0-3 record was probably to be expected when comparing expectations and the roster with their big-hitting rivals, few could have predicted such a mixed bag of performances. Their opener against Lyon was horrific, but they could have upset both Fenerbahce and Praha with improved displays. There were good contributions from Barbora Balintova, Alice Kunek and Artemis Spanou, but as anticipated, they just lacked that extra quality in a demanding group.

Group C

UMMC Ekaterinburg UMMC A

Current Record: 3-0 (1st in Group C)
December Hub Results: v Beretta Famila Schio 83-61 ; v Spar Girona 94-67; v TTT Riga 104-71

Straightforward on paper and straightforward on the court for UMMC, who beat all three of their opponents by more than 20 points to underline why they are the tournament favorites as usual. They shot the ball brilliantly from long-range, were clinical around the basket and that ended up with them shooting more than 60 percent from the field. The other positives are that multiple players all posted big performances and they still have Brittney Griner to come in January. What's not to love?

Spar Girona GIRO A-

Current Record: 2-1 (2nd in Group C)
December Hub Results: v TTT Riga 81-79 ; v UMMC Ekaterinburg 67-94 ; v Beretta Famila Schio 85-81

And breathe... New head coach Alfred Julbe Bosch will be relieved and content. The first two games went to script with a win (albeit not comfortable) against TTT Riga and the loss to UMMC. Then came the defining duel in this group against Schio. In a roller-coaster to finish, Girona got it done and that meant A- instead of B-. Hats off Sonja Vasic as always for her leadership in tough times, and credit that they beat Schio without the in-form Frida Eldebrink - also thanks to veteran Laia Palau stepping up.

Beretta Famila Schio SCHI B-

Current Record: 1-2 (3rd in Group C)
December Hub Results: v UMMC Ekaterinburg 61-83 ; v TTT Riga 76-72; v Spar Girona 81-85

This might be harsh on Schio who we had in a high 5th spot in the Power Rankings heading into the hub, but they had to beat Girona for a better grade. They still might come out on top within this group rivalry after only a tight defeat and should back themselves to win next time. Sandrine Gruda was terrific but the supporting cast didn't shine as bright as they can, or maybe need to. When it mattered most, Schio went 1 of 10 from three-point range in the crunch game against Girona. That hurt.


Current Record: 0-3 (1st in Group C)
December Hub Results: v Spar Girona 79-81 ; v Beretta Famila Schio 72-76 ; UMMC Ekaterinburg 71-104

This grade is maybe TTT being a victim of their own relative success. To explain, maybe with slightly lesser performances they could have achieved a better grade if they had a win in their tally. To much surprise, they could and some might even argue should, have taken at least one win from those two close games against Girona and Schio. Yet they couldn't finish the job and it was a missed opportunity, so therefore C+. Kitija Laksa was a plus point, but outside of this, there was not much else - other than dreaming of what might have been.

Group D

Sopron Basket SOP A+

Current Record: 2-0 (1st in Group D)
December Hub Results: v Bourges Basket 70-60 ; v Basket Landes 70-59

Made the most of being a hub host with two victories on their home floor. Plus, getting two double-digit wins could be priceless in the final shake up of this group. They operated a short rotation which was similar to their rivals, but in Gabby Williams and Jelena Brooks, they had two fine players who led the way. There was not a lot of entertainment, finesse or slick play, but Sopron got it done and in a possibly complicated group, maximum credit to Coach David Gasper and his players for a 2-0 start.

Basket Landes BLAN B+

Current Record: 1-1 (2nd in Group D)
December Hub Results: v Bourges Basket 69-66 ; v Sopron Basket 59-70

History was made by Basket Landes as they won their first ever game in the competition and they did so at the first attempt with that nail-biting overtime success against Bourges. It will live long in the memory and deservedly so. It underlined that Landes deserve to be here. With little depth, it's impressive how Julie Barennes manages her rotations. They pushed Sopron hard too, but faded. Miranda Ayim and Valeriane Vukosavljevic impressed. However Landes must look after the ball better.

Bourges Basket BOUR C+

Current Record: 0-2 (3rd in Group D)
December Hub Results: v Sopron 60-70 ; v Basket Landes 69-66

Perhaps C+ might seem a little unfair considering Bourges were just edged out in overtime by Landes. But the reality of going 0-2 and a pair of very mediocre performances can't be hidden. There was nothing outside of Alexia Chartereau and with every passing minute, absent young gun Iliana Rupert looked an even better player. It was an experience to forget due to sloppy ball handling, poor field goal shooting and average rebounding. They must focus on better times ahead and turning things around.

Disclaimer: The team grades are entirely subjective and is in no way a true, accurate ranking systems. All comments are purely those of the author.

Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen

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