26 September, 2017
22 April, 2018
Lucas Mondelo | Photo: Ludek Sipla
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Incredible Mondelo and Kursk, Iniguez back to Fenerbahce headline top 10 talking points

MUNICH (EuroLeague Women) – Lucas Mondelo and Dynamo Kursk going perfect again and Roberto Iniguez setting up a Quarter-Finals return to Fenerbahce headlined the top 10 talking points in the last week of the Regular Season.

1. Jaw-dropping two Regular Seasons unbeaten for Mondelo and Kursk

Just when you don't think there are any more plaudits and praise for Lucas Mondelo because you have said it all before, he goes and makes history with another unbeaten Regular Season. This achievement is possibly more brilliant than winning titles because we can only imagine [even with a stellar roster] the degree of commitment at all levels by the coaches, staff and their players to deliver that level of consistency over such a long period. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

2. Will Iniguez mastermind the end of his former team, Fenerbahce's title dreams?

There is no other club quite as desperate to win the coveted silverware than Fenerbahce. Who can blame them either? They have been so close, so many times and Roberto Iniguez has been to a couple of Finals with the Turkish giants. Rather ironic that in the Quarter-Finals and with home advantage for Sopron Basket, he could be the architect of Fenerbahce's undoing and crush their latest dream. What a series lies in store – the hottest tickets in town for sure!

3. Sonja Petrovic - that's all!
When Dynamo Kursk won their first title last year, we could only think of 1-2 players who would enhance them further. They were smart and went for Petrovic. The scale of her brilliance can be encapsulated by the fact that on a stacked and unbeaten champion team, she still shines within her strict team concepts. She is amazing and Regular Season MVP confirmation beckons.

4. The Regular Season statistical leaders are confirmed While Petrovic was top of the efficiency per game chart, there were plenty of other leading players in the various categories. This included Kayla McBride of Yakin Dogu Universitesi with 18.9 points per game, her team-mate Courtney Vandersloot with 9.2 assists per game, Crystal Langhorne of Sopron Basket with 62.6 percent field goal shooting, Olivia Epoupa of Galatasaray with 3 steals per outing and leading rebounder DeWanna Bonner with 9.2 boards per game.

5. Final Four comes sharply into focus
As soon as the Regular Season ends, our minds turn to the Final Four. Has anything changed since Day 1 with Yakin Dogu Universitesi, UMMC, Dynamo Kursk and Fenerbahce as the favorites? Or, will there be an upset in the Quarter-Finals?

6. George Dikeoulakos getting fired by CCC Polkowice Many of us expected great things from Dikeoulakos and CCC Polkowice, but they did not arrive and 3-11 was not the required return, which we can only guess was a contributing factor to him being fired. It is always a challenge in this competition and he is indeed a top-level coach, but he had to be an instant success at a club, that historically, has been trigger-happy. We're sure we will see him back in EuroLeague or EuroCup Women sooner rather than later!

7. EuroCup Women is set to be crazy good It seems like every year we say this, but honestly, this has to be the best top 8 of EuroCup Women there has ever been. We can't even begin to think who might win it. The line-up is just incredible. Avenida or Hatay? That is what seems to be popular – but then again, Galatasaray and Nadezhda have some serious players. Not that the others can be ruled out either. Wow – it's just so exciting.

8. Saying our goodbyesWe won't see a quarter of clubs again in European competition this season. For the 1-13 BLMA, I imagine that is a relief. For CCC Polkowice, that will be a crushing blow to a club that had high hopes. Wisla were predicted to struggle, but only just missed out on EuroCup Women and will be fiercely proud of their efforts. Castors Braine had a little run where they looked great, but lacked consistency within games and across the season. Olesia Malashenko going down hurt affected them too.

9. Leedham lands Individual Performance of the Week

She may have been injured of late, in what has been an up and down campaign for ESBVA-LM, but you just can't knock the experienced British leader for coming up with the goods when her team needed it most.

10. That volleyball assist by Marine Johannes

It may have already been flagged up in another feature about this week's action, but the more you watch it, the more you love it and the more you smile. That is what is so special about Johannes, she comes up with moments to just treasure – such is her entertaining appeal and super skill-set. A deserved number one spot!

All of our talking points are selected by our women's basketball specialist Paul Nilsen. You can follow him @basketmedia365