26 September, 2017
22 April, 2018
Firat Okul | Photo: Andrey Petukhov
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EuroLeague Women Week 4 reflections

MUNICH (EuroLeague Women) – It was another explosive and exciting week in EuroLeague Women and our women's basketball specialist Paul Nilsen has been casting his eye over the main themes.

Pause for Breath?
Not withstanding the imbalance of the summer draw between both Regular Season groups for 2017-2018, I had high hopes this was going to be one of the better EuroLeague Women campaigns. So far, it has genuinely been amazing. One of the best in memory.

I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing we now push the pause button and take a breath for the FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2019 Qualifiers! Going to be waking up wishing it was Week 5 on Wednesday!

Where have you been all my EuroLeague Women life?
Well, that is an exaggeration, but the cloud to the silver lining of watching Ana Dabovic lighting it up in Ekaterinburg for Fenerbahce is that it fully dawned on us just how much we have missed out on this kind of thing during the past five seasons. Looks like the Serbian is making up for lost time. Watching her just going for it, is one of the joys of the women's game.

A very mature and impressive display helped to underpin the win for Fenerbahce. The guard had 14 points, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block. Most importantly, she played almost 33 minutes and that speaks volumes.

Number Crunching
Gintare Petronyte scored the highest individual tally so far this season with those 29 points against Castors Braine.

Dynamo Kursk amassed the highest score of the campaign with 109 points in their home victory against ZVVZ USK Prague.

A kick in the teeth for Wisla Can-Pack. That is how I saw their failure to get their first win as they lost that tear-jerker 74-72 on the buzzer to Famila Schio. 

Credit to the visitors for making it three consecutive victories, but I did have some sympathy for the hosts. Yes, they made some errors and had a great opportunity, but it was one of those highly tricky finishes to a tight contest. Do you foul or not? Although they did have this buzzer-beater of their own which was jaw-dropping.

CCC Polkowice and BLMA both got off the mark and so congratulations to them and especially the former. I say that because unlike BLMA, they had lost some really tight ones previously and that throws an even brighter spotlight on the coach. I noticed the blow out of the cheeks from George Dikeoulakos on the buzzer and he needed that one! 

Or was it thew new CCC Polkowice personal trainer for the players that made the difference?

Even when you are a veteran coach like Natalia Hejkova who has attained incredible EuroLeague Women success, you can still be surprised – whether that is good, bad or ugly. Having watched her side go down heavily at Kursk, the ZVVZ USK Prague play-caller was rather bemused and stated: "I don't ever remember having 100 points scored against me in my EuroLeague Women career, yet we gave up 109. We clearly lost it in our defense." Another line which reiterates that this competition is more intense and brutal than it has ever been.

Finally, Tango Bourges Basket 1-3? Not quite how the summer revolution was meant to be is it? Feels like Olivier Lafargue will be feeling the heat right now.

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