22 September, 2021
07 April, 2022
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By the numbers: A look back at EuroCup Women in 2021

MUNICH (Germany) - As the curtain is about to fall on 2021, it's a good time to look back on the past calendar year of EuroCup Women action and do some number crunching.

The calendar year includes the contorted 2020-21 season which took place during the grip of the global pandemic, as well as the current season to date.

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Win-loss records (per country)

There have been club representatives from 24 different countries in EuroCup Women during 2021 with all but two nations (Norway and Luxembourg) registering wins during the period. We have ranked the top 15 countries based on their clubs' win percentage across all competition games in 2021, including Qualifiers.

# Country Number of teams W/L record Win percentage
1. France 8 38-23 62%
2. Ukraine 1 7-4 64%
3. Spain 8 35-23 60%
4. Turkey 6 46-31 60%
5. Czech Republic 2 12-10 55%
6. Romania 1 7-6 54%
6. Switzerland 1 7-6 54%
8. Russia 5 17-15 53%
9. Italy 5 11-11 50%
10. Hungary 6 24-25 49%
11. Poland 4 17-19 47%
12. Greece 5 9-10 47%
13. Israel 1 7-10 41%
14. Slovakia 2 3-5 38%
15. Great Britain 1 3-5 38%

Minimum of 6 games played.

Best offense of 2021

Which teams scored the most total points in the past 12 months of EuroCup Women? There are several teams that have played in both the 2020-21 season and he current campaign. The chart is led by French club Flammes who made a deep run to the Final Four back in April and are now in the current Round of 16. 

# Team Games played Points scored PPG average
1. Flammes (FRA) 17 1,195 70.3
2. Valencia Basket (ESP) 15 1,181 78.7
3. Villeneuve d'Ascq LM (FRA) 13 995 76.5

Minimum of 6 games played.

Of those teams who played in either one or both seasons, the three highest-scoring teams on average are as follows, with Bourges and Prometey both pouring in more than 90 points per game, an impressive mark by any measure.

# Team Games played PPG average Points scored
1. Tango Bourges (FRA) 7 94.1 659
2. BC Prometey (UKR) 8 90.8 726
3. Reyer Venezia (ITA) 7 87.7 614

Minimum of 6 games played.

Best defense of 2021

 The best defense of the year goes to someone who is renowned for that element of the game and it is veteran playcaller Pierre Vincent and his LDLC ASVEL Feminin team. The number is all the more remarkable considering in their season opener they leaked 70 points and were beaten by Movistar Estudiantes. But, it's been nothing but wins and super defense since then.

# Team Games played PAPG average Points conceded
1. LDLC ASVEL Feminin (FRA) 8 51.5 412
 2. Valencia Basket (ESP) 15 53.4 801
3. Villeneuve d'Ascq LM (FRA) 13 55.7 724

Minimum of 6 games played.

Best record of 2021

15-0 is the amazing unbeaten record of reigning champions Valencia Basket who won all seven of their games at the start of the year to top the podium back in April. Meanwhile they have tipped off their title defense with an 8-game winning streak to start the current season and move safely to the Round of 16. It's no co-incidence they have both the second best offense and second best defense. That's getting it done at both ends of the floor.

Most points in a game (team)

122 - Tango Bourges take the honor after they racked up a stunning 122-61 road win at Banco Sardegna Sassari in a group phase game back on October 28. The French side certainly had their opponents' number as they recorded the joint second highest tally of 118 in the return game on their home floor in December.

16 - Is the number of times a club posted a score of 100 points or more during the calendar year.

Most points in a game (individual)

42 - It was a career night for Jessica Shepard of Italian club Banco Sardegna Sassari when she lit it up against Swiss outfit BCF Elfic Fribourg on November 3, during the Group phase of the competition.

Individual Efficiency

52 - Saving the best individual display until last, Jessica Shepard not only produced the highest score of 2012, but she also amassed a staggering efficiency rating of 52 in that same game. As well as racking up 42 points, she added a stellar 20 rebounds and 3 assists.