16 December, 2020
11 April, 2021
Who was each club's MVP of the EuroCup Women Regular Season?
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Who was each club's MVP of the EuroCup Women Regular Season?

MUNICH (Germany) - The first ever EuroCup Women Regular Season hub is in the books, but which players deserve the MVP crown for their respective teams?

Here's a breakdown of the Top Performers, team by team:

Group A - Gyor, HUN

Zala Friskovec caught fire for KSC Szekszard as they went 3-0

KSC Szekszard KSC
Zala Friskovec:  21.3 PPG; 68% FG; 5.3 RPG; 22.0 EFF

The second best shooter in the entire hub, the 21-year-old showed why the future of Slovenia looks bright at national team level. She also did a great job on the boards to get her team into the next phase.

Bellona Kayseri Basketbol KYS 
Tyasha Harris:  26.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG; 7.0 APG; 29.0 EFF

It was a quite extraordinary display by Harris across the three games as her do-it-all style helped Kayseri into the next phase. Yet her scoring power was nicely balanced with her team play and creativity.

Uni Gyor GYOR
Beatrice Mompremier: 18.0 PPG; 10.3 RPG; 17.0 EFF

Perhaps unfortunate not to progress, Mompremier was the standout figure for the disappointed hosts of this group. You have to be impressed with a hub double-double.

BC Prometey PROM
Bernice Mosby: 18.7 PPG; 6.0 RPG; 2.3 SPG

Without the depth of their group rivals, Mosby had to carry a heavy load as Prometey went 0-3. But individually, she showed her quality and could barely have done more to keep her team competitive.

Group B - Ankara, TUR

Betnijah Laney was unstoppable at times for Ramla during the hub, attaining phenomenal numbers

Ramla RAM
Betnijah Laney:  21.0 PPG; 52% FG; 10.5 RPG; 6.5 AST; 29.5 EFF

It was joy for Ramla who advanced as group winners behind this incredible show from Laney, who excelled in almost every facet of the game. Her scoring, rebounding and passing were exceptional.

Aluinvent DVTK Miskolc DVTK
Keyona Hayes:  28.0 PPG; 54% FG; 15.5 RPG; 3.0 SPG; 30.5 EFF

Possibly the overall MVP, Hayes secured a towering double-double and led the hub in scoring, rebounding and efficiency.  It's tough to do better and fans will be excited to see her in  the next phase.

Orman Genclik ORM
Brittney Sykes:  21.5 PPG; 67% FG; 8.0 RPG; EFF 26.5

It was an experience to forget for Orman Genclik as they departed the hub winless and with Sykes arguably their only player to hit anywhere near top-form. 

Group C - Hatay, TUR

Rookie Peyton Williams tipped off her first EuroCup Women campaign with a pair of double-doubles

Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje SPAR
Peyton Williams:  14.0 PPG; 67% FG; 8.0 RPG; 18.3 EFF

The first-timer was a rock for her team as they claimed pole position in the group. Highly efficient, with good shot selection and bringing it with double-doubles in the games that Sparta&K were successful in,  the center was an anchor in the paint.

Tinara Moore:  25.3 PPG; 70% FG; 10.3 RPG; 29.7 EFF

Moore caught the eye last season with Cadi La Seu and this time turned up the dial even more with a stellar show. She finished as Regular Season top scorer, claimed a hub double-double and shot the lights out to propel her team to the Round of 16.

Alexis Prince:  16.3 PPG; 12.3 RPG; 2.0 SPG; 20.3 EFF

There was agony for a relatively stacked Hatay as the group hosts missed out in a three-way tie and that will be most painful for Prince, who certainly impressed. She stood out across all games and can feel aggrieved her EuroCup Women adventure is over.

Adana Basketbol ADA
Nathalie Fontaine:  18.0 PPG; 50% FG; 7.3 RPG; 

A ray of sunshine in a dark cloud that surrounded Adana in the Regular Season when losing all three games very heavily, Fontaine was the one consistent performer. Her 25-point display against Sparta&K was particularly noteworthy. 

Group D - Brno, CZE

Great Britain forward Cheridene Green was pivotal for Gorzow as they grabbed a precious Round of 16 spot

Elazig Il Ozel Idare ELOI
Emma Cannon:  24.0 PPG; 52% FG; 12.3 RPG; 25.7 EFF

While props are due to Jelena Dubljevic and Kelsey Mitchell, the MVP was probably Cannon for her brilliant double-double. She was also the standout performer in that historic first outing against MBA Moscow, with the win settled any nerves.

InvestInTheWest Enea Gorzow  GORZ 
Cheridene Green:  12.3 PPG; 11.7 RPG;  21.3 EFF

It may be harsh on Megan Gustafson who received recognition in the Top Performers line-up, Green showed amazing consistency. Her hub double-double in points and rebounds was delivered with machine-like efficiency of 22, 21 and 21.

Emily Potter:  15.7 PPG; 53% FG; 9.3 RPG; 19.7 EFF 

It was tough to take for the group hosts as they were unable to clinch a place in the Round of 16 as they got edged out in a three-way tie. Canadian Potter did her best with some very good work as anticipated as the player to watch. But it wasn't to be.

MBA Moscow MBA
Varvara Psareva:  11.0 PPG; 75% FG; 6.3 RPG; 19.0 EFF

It was a similar story for the Russian club who were squeezed out with Brno in that tie with Gorzow. Psareva barely missed in the whole tournament and unfortunately, there was not enough support or cameo performances around her. 

Group E - Landerneau, FRA

Swiss club BCF Elfic Fribourg defied predictions and made it to the Round of 16, led by Marielle Giroud

Reyer Venezia VEN
Gintare Petronyte: 17.0 PPG; 70% FG; 7.0 RPG; 26.3 EFF

With two Top Performer honors in a row, there was little doubt as to the MVP for the unbeaten Italians. Petronyte was on fire and unstoppable in two of the three games, then taking her foot off the gas in the last. Awesome from the Lithuanian.

BCF Elfic Fribourg Basket FRIB
Marielle Giroud:  19.0 PPG; 52% FG; 8.0 RPG; 17.3 EFF

With many observers expecting Reyer Venezia and Landerneau to advance, there was joy for Fribourg as they booked their place and it was fitting that Swiss national team leader Giroud was the most outstanding player.

Landerneau Bretagne Basket LBRE
Luisa Geiselsoder: 15.3 PPG; 61% FG; 6.7 RPG

It was a tough hub for Landerneau who didn't meet the expectations of progressing, even as first timers. They got their historic maiden win and the other plus point was the ongoing good work of German rising star Luisa Geiselsoder.

Phantoms Basket Boom PHAN
Ine Joris: 8.3 PPG; 47% FG; 8.7 RPG

It was a tough hub for Phantoms Basket as the Belgians struggled to stay competitive. Lacking depth and experience, teenager Joris can at least hold her head high for leading the resistance, even if collectively it was not enough to avoid three big losses.

Group F - Valencia, ESP

Nigerian national team forward Evelyn Akhator was a powerhouse in the paint as usual for Carolo Basket

Carolo Basket CARO
Evelyn Akhator:  13.3 PPG; 51% FG; 5.3 RPG

In a tight and fiercely competitive group it was useful for Carolo to be able to depend on the strength under the basket of Akhator, who lived up to her reputation. Strong on the glass, efficient and she was typically tough to handle physically.

Lointek Gernika Bizkaia LOIN
Nogaye Lo:  13.0 PPG; 61% FG; 6.7 RPG; 2.3 APG; 17.3 EFF

The positivity of making it to the Round of 16 was further fuelled by the form of Lo, with the Spanish forward showcasing the full range of her talents. That was good news not only for Gernika, but also the Spanish national team too.

Tenerife TENE
Maria Fasoula: 11.0 PPG; 52% FG; 5.3 RPG

It was a mixed bag for Tenerife,who won their first ever Regular Season game and finished 2-1, but lost on a tie-breaker. The recently arrived Fasoula slotted straight in and the Greek center was a threat and made the most of her opportunities.

La Roche Vendee Basket ROVE
Tiffany Clarke: 18.7 PPG; 65% FG; 3.3 RPG

Not able to win any of their three games, the French side struggled and Clarke did her best to inspire with the best shooting performance on a roster that as expected, was no doubt missing the recently departed Eva Lisec who went to Dynamo Kursk.

Group G - Sfantu Gheorghe, ROU

Quinn Dornstauder of Cadi La Seu and Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah of Namur both stood out for their respective teams 

ACS Sepsi-Sic SSIC
Rebekah Gardner: 17.7 PPG; 7.0 RPG; 3.3 APG; 21.0 EFF

Edging out the in-form Jovana Pasic who shone again with her shooting talent.  Gardner was super in getting Sepsi-Sic into the next round as group winners. She did it all for the team with her scoring, creating and willingness to go to work on the glass.

Haley Peters: 13.3 PPG; 8.0 RPG; 3.0 APG

Many fans will recall that Peters has been a productive performer in the past in this competition and also EuroLeague Women and it was no surprise she was influential for ESBVA-LM. Her class and experience was priceless in a feisty and tough group.

Cadi La Seu SEDI
Quinn Dornstauder:  10.3 PPG; 61% FG; 10.0 RPG; 18.7 EFF

Identified as the player to watch for Cadi La Seu heading into the Regular Season, Dornstauder lived up to the billing with an excellent display on the boards and shooting-wise. But, it was bitter-sweet, since Cadi lost out on a three-way tie in the group.

Namur BNC
Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah: 11.0 PPG; 13.3 RPG; 2.0 SPG; 20.8 EFF

Without a win to their name, this was a challenging experience for Namur, but nobody can take anything away from Kunaiyi-Akpanah. She was terrific at both ends of the floor despite the losses and was always working tirelessly for her team.

Group H - Valencia, ESP

 Australian national team forward Bec Allen led hub hosts Valencia into the Round of 16 unbeaten

Valencia Basket Club SAD VAL
Bec Allen: 21.0 PPG; 52% FG; 4.0 RPG; 23.0 EFF

The Australian was at the heart of Valencia cruising into the next phase and cementing their status as one of the frontrunners to take the silverware. Allen lit it up for the hub hosts and will remain one of the leading lights as they likely make a deep run.

Saint-Amand Hainaut Basket SAHB
Assitan Kone: 11.0 PPG; 5.0 RPG

Despite their terrible form domestically and relegation concerns in the LFB, Saint-Amand were terrific and made it to the Round of 16. Credit goes to Kone for some nice performances that headlined a great and perhaps unexpected team effort.

Castors Braine CAST
Kayla Alexander: 10.7 PPG; 8.7 RPG

The Canadian forward was one of the few positives for Belgian champions Castors Braine, who lost by 18 to Saint-Amand and 31 to Valencia.  Few players found consistency and Alexander was the best of some slim pickings.

Basket Hema SKW SKW
Billie Massey: 11.7 PPG; 12.3 RPG; 2.3 APG; 20.3 EFF

It proved to be a difficult campaign for the young Belgian team who were unable to match some of their exploits of last season. However one factor was the same and that was Massey showing why she is on course to be a star for the Belgian Cats.