09 October, 2018
10 April, 2019
Pierre Vincent (SCHI)
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The top 3 reasons Famila Schio can win EuroCup Women

SCHIO (Italy) - The 2019 edition of EuroCup Women is exciting and wide open as we approach the Quarter-Finals and here are the main reasons why Famila Schio can take the coveted silverware.

The first hurdle for the Italians to get over is their pending tie in the last eight of the competition against Cukurova Basketbol.

1. Allie Quigley

To have one of the best shooters and scorers not only in the competition, but also in the women's global game is a massive plus for Schio. Not only that, but Quigley is a reigning EuroCup Women champion, having been a driving force behind Galatasaray winning the trophy last year - rather ironically, denying glory to Schio's arch derby rivals, Reyer Venezia. With Quigley on board, they have a player who can match the offensive firepower in this Quarter-Finals meeting with Cukurova and Alina Iagupova. Last season she came alive in the big moments and if anybody can, Allie can.

2. Momentum and a second opportunity

As far as second chances go and the opportunity to have a 'mini-season' within a season, few clubs will grab it with both hands like Schio. They headed into the EuroLeague Women Regular Season last October knowing it would be tough after comprehensive roster surgery, but nobody and especially playcaller Pierre Vincent envisaged a horrendous 0-7 start. Since they got their first win, they have gone 4-3 and 2019 is being a lot kinder to them. A tale of two seasons. Yet from the despair of late 2018, they coul