20 September, 2017
18 April, 2018
Marina Maljkovic | Photo: Quim Puig
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Under pressure Maljkovic killing herself every day in pursuit of success

ISTANBUL/BELGRADE (EuroCup Women/FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2019) – It takes a special mentality to be a successful coach at the highest level and often, technical ability or knowledge itself is not enough.

Marina Maljkovic knows what is required to deliver silverware for club and country. Her historic accomplishments in taking Serbia to a maiden Women's EuroBasket title during 2015 and first Olympic podium a year later, have now been enhanced further by being crowned a EuroCup Women winner with Galatasaray.

For those present at the scene of that triumphant night in Venice recently, the sight of Coach Maljkovic blowing out her cheeks in what looked to be a sense of clear relief, spoke volumes.

Not solely because the pressure was off briefly with some precious silverware banked. Because it was a key destination reached, on what is always a bumpy and never-ending journey for almost any top-level coach. 

"I live with pressure every day - every single day," Maljkovic told FIBA.basketball.

"When we talk about pressure and surviving [as a coach] I can honestly say that I feel this pressure as soon as I wake up on a morning.

"Only this pressure is not about being with a great club like Galatasaray, or trying to have more success with the Serbia national team. It is not about any team I coach, or about any that I might coach in the future."

She continued: "The biggest pressure comes from the pressure I put on myself. I am always killing myself every day in order to be the best and to just get better and better.

"Then sometimes because of this, some good things can happen - like having a trophy to show for all that work."

Maljkovic has just over a year to go until she will lead co-hosts Serbia into FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2019, having only recently been appointed for a second spell at the helm.