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April 2024
32 Kevin Ornell Chapman Mc Daniels (PJB)
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Who will be the best player in BCL Asia Qualifiers Round 2?

JAKARTA (Indonesia) - The Basketball Champions League Asia (BCL Asia) Qualifiers Round 2 promises to continue showcasing top talents in Asia.

After all, this is a clash between the top championship contenders in the region who have made it past a tightly contested Round 1. And that's why the players will keep on putting on their best performances to ensure that their teams advance to the big dance - the BCL Asia itself.

Who will be the best of them all though? Make sure to show your support and let us know who you think will be the best player here in Round 2.

*This Fan Vote is not an official award from FIBA. It is created solely to enhance the experience of the fans to show their support for their favorite players in the BCL Asia Qualifiers.