09 December, 2022
16 April, 2023
Top performers phase group stage 2
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Top performers of BCL Americas’ second group stage

MIAMI (United States) - The curtain came down on the second stage of the 2022-23 BCL Americas season, and the playoffs are already beginning to be defined.

Franca in Group D, and Real Estelí and Libertadores in Group A, have already secured their spot in the next stage. Quimsa and Flamengo command Groups B and C, respectively, but there are still things to be defined.

In the recent success of these teams, some players stood out from the rest and were decisive. Here are the highlights of the second stage:

Group A: Thomas Robinson - Real Esteli


PTS: 26.0 | FG: 61% | REB: 13.0 | STL: 1.0 | EFF: 31.5

The former NBA player showed why he played more than 300 games in the best league in the world as he commanded the Nicaraguan champion in his two victories at home to lead them to the Quarterfinals. The 2.06m 31-year-old player is now the BCL Americas points leader, with an average of 22.0, and added 11.8 in rebounds.

Group B: Eric Anderson - Quimsa 


PTS: 12.5 | FG: 59% | REB: 6.5 | STL: 2.0 | BLK: 2.0 | EFF: 20.0

The 29-year-old center did a fundamental job on defense so that his team could come out with a 1-1 record as a visitor in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and remain the Group B leader. In addition to his efficient rebounding, Anderson also forced his opponents to turn the ball over several times. He is currently the blocking leader of the BCLA league with an average of 2.0.

Group C: Lucas Martinez - Flamengo


PTS: 18.5 | 3P: 69% | REB: 4.0 | STL: 3.0 | EFF: 22.5

The Mexican stand-out had a great contribution both in attack and in defense to help Flamengo successfully defend their home court and stand as the absolute leader of their group. Martínez was tremendously effective from long distance, making 11 three’s in 16 attempts, in the two games played in this stage. After this performance, he became the leader in success behind the arc with a very high percentage of 69.6.

Group D: Georginho De Paula - Franca


PTS: 12.0 | FG: 56% | REB: 10.5 | AST: 6.0 | STL: 1.0 | EFF: 23.0

The Brazilian player once again earned a spot among the top performers of BCLA action, and was the only one to return to this second edition. The forward once again flexed his tremendous versatility, contributing greatly in attacking, driving and on the boards. He helped guide Sesi Franca to not only book their ticket to the Quarterfinals but remain the only undefeated team in the league. De Paula is BCLA's most efficient player of the season with a 26.0 efficiency rating.