09 December, 2022
16 April, 2023
Top performers - Quarterfinals
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BCL Americas Quarterfinals top performers

MIAMI (United States) – Minas, Flamengo, Sesi Franca and Quimsa advanced to the Basketball Champions League Americas Final 4 after superb performances in the Quarterfinals. The four teams swept their best-of-three series to solidify their superiority.

The collective game was the key to success for these squads, but some players were the undisputed leaders on the field. Here are the top performers from the BCL Americas Season 4 Quarterfinals:

Lucas Dias - Franca

PTS: 20.5 | 3P: 47% | REB: 11.5 | STL: 2.0 | BLK: 1.5 | EFF: 27.5

The power forward had the best individual game of this phase, thanks to his performance on both sides of the ball. Dias took the lead in both victories with two double-doubles of 26 points and 10 rebounds and 15 and 13, respectively. This kept Sesi Franca as the only undefeated team in the competition (8-0), even against a rival like Peñarol, who although was not a favorite, forced the current Brazilian champion to use their maximum capacity to win.

Martin Cuello - Flamengo

PTS: 18.5 | 3P: 64% | REB: 4.0 | AST: 5.5 | STL: 1.5 | EFF: 24.0

The Argentine had a spectacular Group Phase close (15.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists) and is once again a top performer for the second time in a row. The forward was decisive against UdeC, making 9 out of 14 three-pointers. He was also very effective setting up his teammates, with 11 assists and just 2 turnovers in the series.

Shaquille Johnson - Minas

PTS: 19.5 | FG: 57% | REB: 3.5 | AST: 7.5 | EFF: 22.0

Johnson has been one of the most consistent players this season. In the series against Libertadores, where Minas did not count with home advantage, Johnson maintained his great production. The 32-year-old veteran played 37 minutes in the second game, his max in the tournament, and led his team to book a ticket to the next round with 21 points and 8 assists, his highest so far in competition.

Franco Baralle - Quimsa

PTS: 19.5 | FG: 86% | 3P: 75% | AST: 2.5 | EFF: 21.0

The 23-year-old point guard looks better every time for the Santiago team and his performance, in this series against Real Estelí, was strong. His confidence was through the roof, and caused him to only miss two field goals in 14 attempts in two games. The two shots he missed were from beyond the arc but finished with an impressive 6 of 8 from that range. In the second game, the qualifying game, his team had a +29 with him on the court, the highest value among all the players.