10 December, 2021
10 April, 2022
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BCL Americas Final 8 to play at Arena Carioca 1

MIAMI (United States) – Flamengo, the BCL Americas Final 8 host, has confirmed to FIBA today that the finals will be played at the Arena Carioca 1, part of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park and premiered during the 2016 Olympic Games. Arena Carioca 1 has hosted the FIBA Intercontinental Cup in 2019 amongst other FIBA events.

São Paulo, Minas, Bigua, Boca Juniors, Cangrejeros, Quimsa, Real Estelí, and Flamengo have earned their spot into the Final 8 for the BCL Americas 2021-2022 season. The 8 clubs will compete in a single-elimination phase starting with the Quarterfinals on April 6th, Semifinals on April 7th, and Championship and 3rd place games on April 9th.

Following is the Final 8 schedule breakdown:

April 6, 2022 – Quarter-Finals
12:40 p.m. (GMT-3) Cangrejeros (A1) vs. Quimsa (B2)
03:10 p.m. (GMT-3) Sao Paulo (B1) vs. Real Estelí (A2)
05:40 p.m. (GMT-3) Biguá (C1) vs. Boca (D2)
08:40 p.m. (GMT-3) Flamengo (D1) vs. Minas (C2)

April 7, 2022 – Semi-Finals
05:40 p.m. (GMT-3) Winner A1/B2 vs. Winner C1/D2
08:40 p.m. (GMT-3) Winner D1/C2 vs. Winner B1/A2

April 9, 2022 - Final
04:10 p.m. (GMT-3) 3rd Place
07:10 p.m. (GMT-3) Final

All games will be available at ESPN (Brazil), DIRECTV Sports (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela), and the rest of the world on BCL Americas' Youtube channel.