10 December, 2021
10 April, 2022

Competition System

Considering the current COVID pandemic situation, in particular in South America, the BCLA Board has decided for the league to play in a bubble format where each of the twelve (12) teams will have a chance to host in the group stage. Furthermore, the Board also moved the original tip-off of Season 3 from October/2021 to December/2021. The league will last five (5) months with Final 8 scheduled to play in April 2022.

Season 3 will consist of 36 games, at group stages, and 8 games at FINAL 8, a total of 44 games.

Regular Season

The clubs will be divided into 4 groups of 3 clubs with the 1st and 2nd ranked clubs from each group advancing to the Final 8.

Final 8

The Final 8 will be played as a single-elimination quarterfinal and semifinal rounds with the winners advancing to the Championship game and the losers will play for 3rd place.