10 December, 2021
10 April, 2022
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The best continental league in the Americas

The Basketball Champions League Americas is the best continental league in the Americas. An innovative joint partnership between FIBA, Federations and Leagues with 12 top clubs from the continent. It is a fair competition based on sporting principles with teams qualifying through National Leagues.

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Event Timeline

  • 21 Sep 21 Announcement
  • 16 Oct 21 Official Draw
  • 10 Dec 21 Group Phase 1
  • 28 Jan 22 Group Phase 2
  • 11 Mar 22 Group Phase 3
  • 6 Apr 22 Final 8


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Seven countries across the Americas

Seven countries across the Americas will be represented through 12 clubs: Quimsa, Boca Jrs and Obras from Argentina, São Paulo, Minas, and returning champion Flamengo from Brazil, Bigua, and Nacional from Uruguay, UdeC from Chile, Cangrejeros from Puerto Rico, season 2 runner-up Real Estelí from Nicaragua, and the Edmonton Stingers from Canada.