20 January
30 April, 2021
Press Release
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The BCL Americas will have an exciting format

MIAMI (United States) - The Board of the Basketball Champions League Americas met and has now confirmed the structure for the Final phases of the second season. The final phases will be played between April 8 and 13 which will have a total of eight games in a single venue to define the champion.

The two best teams in each group will qualify for the playoffs. Once the eight teams from the group stage have been confirmed, a draw will be held to define who will play in the Quarterfinals (always placing the 1st team of each group against the runner up of another group) followed by a draw to define the semifinals phase. Both the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the Finals will be a single elimination game.

The competition is already underway, with four groups of three teams in each group. The group stage is divided into 3 windows per group (each team hosts a group). Each participant will play a total of six games in this stage, in a bubble format, between January 31 and February 5 (Group Phase 1); from March 4 to 9 (Group Phase 2) and the last from March 24 to 29 (Group Phase 3).