25 August, 2023
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Team Profile: Dominican Republic hopeful return of Towns can carry them to best-ever showing

MANILA (Philippines) - The Dominican Republic come to the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 with plenty of optimism thanks to the commitment from Karl-Anthony Towns and the promise of young, emerging stars.

The Central American nation is dreaming big this summer.

Karl-Anthony Towns will be back in a Dominicana jersey for first time since 2013

The Roster

The Dominicans are loaded and ready to make some noise. Towns is back in the mix for the mastermind coach Che Garcia and they also have their main veterans from the last World Cup - including Victor Liz, Eloy Vargas and Luis Mendoza - as well as younger stars Jean Montero, Lester Quinones, Justin Minaya and Andres Feliz.

All those weapons will give Garcia plenty of ways to attack teams offensively and defensively.

The Question

It has been a decade since Towns wore the DR colors on his chest. He is a unique talent and could be the center piece that takes the team to the next level. But the key will be to preserve the squad balance and chemistry.

How will Garcia integrate him into the team while also giving guys like Quinones, Minaya and Montero the freedom to score as the team needs?

Two players appeared in all 12 games in the Americas Qualifiers while six others featured in 10 games. Those were the men that got the country into the World Cup for the third straight time, a qualifiers campaign highlighted by two victories over Argentina, including on the final game day.

How will they accept giving up production and minutes to the likes of Towns, Quinones or Minaya?

Coach Garcia and his magic got the Dominicans to the World Cup

The Hope

Dominican fans can dream of big things with one of their best-ever national team squads. They have never finished better than 12th at the World Cup, yet Garcia is renowned for getting big wins.

When he coached Venezuela, he led them to a stunning 2015 AmeriCup title and Olympic qualification. His Dominican Republic team surprised Germany at the last World Cup. Garcia's team does have a surmountable group with Angola, Italy, and Philippines, so reaching the Second Round is very possible, maybe even likely. Maybe the Dominicans can go even farther.

All the pieces fit perfectly and the Dominicans can scare bigger-name teams.

The Fear

This would be the worst scenario possible: Towns never really finds his connection with the team and can't coexist with the guards.

Coach Garcia's plans don't work out as the playmakers and scorers fail to share the ball and a big dream and opportunity is wasted. This is what the opponents of the Dominican Republic are hoping for. The truth right now is that this team looks strong. It is a team that never shies away from a fight. Facing it will be a challenge for any squad.


2022 FIBA AmeriCup   Recife (BRA) 8th
2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Beijing (CHN) 16th
2017 FIBA AmeriCup ARG/COL/URU 7th
2015 FIBA AmeriCup  Mexico City (MEX) 6th
2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup    Madrid (ESP) 13th
2013 FIBA AmeriCup Caracas (VEN) 4th
2011 FIBA AmeriCup Mar del Plata (ARG) 3rd
2009 FIBA AmeriCup San Juan (PUR) 5th
2005 FIBA AmeriCup Santa Domingo (DOM) 6th
2003 FIBA AmeriCup San Juan (PUR) 8th

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