25 August, 2023
10 September
77 Luka Doncic (SLO)
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Luka Doncic joins prestigious 200-point club

MANILA (Philippines) - Luka Doncic was electric from start to finish and has now reached yet another impressive milestone in his first-ever World Cup appearance.

The 24-year-old has officially scored at least 200 points in this World Cup, joining a list of only 11 players (13 occasions) to do so in a single World Cup campaign.

Player National Team Points Scored Year
Niko Galis GRE 337 1986
Oscar Schmidt BRA 281 1986
Oscar Schmidt BRA 277 1990
Shin-Dong Pa KOR 261 1970
Drazen Petrovic YUG 252 1986
Luis Scola ARG 244 2010
Antonello Riva ITA 242 1990
Luka Doncic SLO 216 2023
Dirk Nowitzki GER 215 2002
Dirk Nowitzki GER 209 2006
Panagiotis Giannakis GRE 208 1990
Wayne Brabender ESP 207 1974
Kevin Durant USA 205 2010
Drazen Dalipagic YUG 202 1978

Doncic is also one of the only four players to have reached this tally in eight games or fewer in the competition, alongside Shin Dong-pa (7 games), Nikos Galis (6 games), and Drazen Petrovic (8 games). 


Whether it was driving hard to the basket, utilizing his fabulous footwork, or knocking down long-range bombs, Luka was on point at the World Cup.

"We know what kind of guy that we have", said Zoran Dragic after the game. He’s our wonder boy. He deserves to be among those big names. He showed at every game, every practice what kind of kid he is. And he’s gonna accomplish even more in his career. I still cannot believe that Luka is only 24. Some times I look at him and think he’s the same age as me. And then I see that I’m old and he’s young."

"There are some big names there", added head coach Aleksander Sekulic. To have Luka at this age in this elite club, I think it’s a big honor for him. And a big honor for us, the Slovenian country to have such a player.He showed his greatness - not only as a player but as a person also. And don’t forget about the fact that we played two games which didn’t mean a lot. But for him it meant a lot. So it shows greatness and love for his country and basketball.
When you talk about superstars like Luka, they can say they don’t want to play these kinds of games or they are tired or have some small injuries. But he wanted to play, he wanted to play hard. He was leading the team and that’s a big thing, also a big thing for us as a team to show young guys who will become national team players how to play and respect the jersey and the name on the front of the jersey."